2.0 Is Here To Stay

lexan spanking paddle
This is the Lexan paddle Mrs. Lion used along with some of the damage it did. (Picture taken on Tuesday evening) [click image to view larger]
Monday is Punishment Day in the Lions’ den. The holiday threw me off and I didn’t remind Mrs. Lion of it. That’s a standing rule. I have to let her know by 8:30 PM on the day in question. Monday night at 8:35 I was asked if I forgot anything.

“Oh shit! It’s punishment day.”

“That’s right.”

“Are you going to punish me for forgetting?”

“Of course.”

I was not in the mood to be spanked. Well, lately I’m never in the mood to be punished. Mrs. Lion went to her paddle collection and picked out a Lexan model with holes drilled in it. She told me to roll over onto my stomach. I did.

She then began paddling me. She was hitting very hard. I looked at her. She said,

“I don’t want you telling me that I didn’t do a good job.”

Last time she spanked me, I commented that she was going easy on me. This time she was certainly not going to be accused of that. As is her practice, she swatted me and then paused. I yelped in pain. She repeated this for some time.

Afterward, I reached back and felt a spot that seemed rough. I asked her about it. She told me that there was a little blood. I asked her to put a Band Aid on it so I wouldn’t bleed on the bed. She did. The dark red area in the upper right of the photo is that spot.

Apparently, that’s a spot she says bruises and now bleeds first. She said she tried to avoid it. But, oh well. After a while, I was feeling fine with a bit of a twinge when I sat.

At this time we don’t have any post-spanking routine. In my reading I’ve seen that pretty much all disciplining wives forbid butt rubbing or other touching a freshly spanked bottom. Many require corner time post spanking.

We haven’t discussed these “extras” in the punishment department. I’m happy where we are now, but since I am still Mrs. Lion’s source of domestic discipline information, I feel that I should mention this.

She’s been getting creative on her own. Last week she decided that if I forget to put the training collar on when we go out, when we get home I have to put it on and she will zap me a few times as punishment. This is the first non-spanking punishment she’s decided to use.

That in itself isn’t a giant change. But combined with consistent monitoring of my behavior and truly disciplinary spankings, it appears 2.0 is in full time residence now. Yes, that means I am getting exactly what I asked for. Monday night I muttered that I am a stupid lion. But I don’t think I am.

There’s one more component in my wish for domestic discipline. That’s for Mrs. Lion to let me know when I do anything that upsets or annoys her and then punish me for it. That’s the big reason I want it.

It’s really important to me that she does this. I want her to know that I want her to be happy with me in every way. It means a lot to me that I can be secure in knowing that if my behavior bothers her, she will let me know and punish me.

If this sounds odd, please consider that FLR, domestic discipline, and enforced chastity are all almost always introduced by the male. These are all fully consensual activities. We both need to get value out of these practices or we shouldn’t do them. I am convinced that in our case these power exchanges are helping us as individuals and as a couple. I am very happy my lioness has adopted them. Just don’t ask me if I’m happy about it when she spanks me.