Starting Enforced Chastity: Do It Her Way

We get a regular flow of comments and requests from guys who say their partners aren’t interested in enforced chastity or FLR. Generally they actually have no idea if they are interested or not. They just assume it. When you read our posts it’s easy to assume that Mrs. Lion just loved the idea of doing all this with me when I asked her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t believe me? Read her posts from early 2014.

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She wasn’t against any of this. She just didn’t see it fitting into her life. I’m very lucky. Mrs. Lion is almost always willing to try anything I suggest. When I asked her to lock my penis (it was mine then) in a little cage and only let me out for teasing, she rolled her eyes and agreed.

Let me be completely clear. I didn’t ask her to start a new lifestyle that centers around enforced chastity and domestic discipline. I asked her to do a very small list of things:

  1. Lock my penis in a male chastity device. I had one I bought online.
  2. Take me out every so often for teasing and edging.
  3. Make me come when she feels I deserve it.

That’s it; no fantasies, stories, or expectations about how she will behave or dress. Of course she asked me what this was all about. So I told her my fantasy about being made to wait until I was so horny I would explode if I didn’t get off. I could tell she thought that was a bit silly, but she agreed anyway.

That’s exactly what happened. She locked me in and hid the key. Every couple of days she teased me; sometimes to the edge of orgasm. That’s not entirely true. The first few days she unlocked me and masturbated me to orgasm every day. I objected. She said that I told her that she controlled how much I get to come. I had to agree, but I begged her not do it that often. She was wearing me out.

After that I got the every-other-day edging and an orgasm every week or so. The rest is history, as they say. You can read the entire story if you go back and read our older posts.

My point is that even though I had some rich chastity fantasies, I didn’t share them right away. What I wanted to do was experience enforced chastity. My three requests assured that I would. If your wife is generally willing to give you a hand job when you request one, she is probably going to be willing to do the three things I asked of Mrs. Lion.

Invariably  her curiosity will drive her to ask questions. Who knows? She may even be willing to read some of our beginner articles aimed at new keyholders (Just click “Caging Your Man” at the top of this page). Curiosity is a good thing. Try to resist blurting out your fantasies at her first question. Instead, just answer the specific question she asked. Let her discover enforced chastity her own way.

If you get this far, you are almost there. A great many guys sabotage things at this point. She may not interpret enforced chastity the way you do. She may have her own ideas how your lockup should go. Guess what? Don’t object and try to correct her. Be a good boy and go along with whatever she wants. Isn’t that why you wanted to be locked up in the first place?

Bear in mind that in the early phase of any new and essentially-alien activity, it doesn’t take much to discourage her and end the experiment. If you are locked up, you got what you wanted. Now it’s her turn. Let her do it all her way.


  1. Author

    Hi there,

    Here is my question for your big post:

    Do you ever have any problem after an orgasm? It is always after I get to come that I question the whole FLR and chastity thing. It feels silly and I feel embarrassed about getting spanked and locked up.
    Do you ever get this? Any tips on how to avoid it?
    Many thanks!

    1. Author

      dont cum

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