Last night Lion didn’t seem to be as horny as he professed. Afterwards he offered an explanation. Maybe he was more turned on because Thursday I had baited the hook. I told him what I’d be doing to him that night. He was already excited before we even started. It seems plausible. I know he tends to be more aroused when I play with him beforehand rather than just going in for the kill, so to speak. Since I did nothing to announce my intentions last night, I can see that it might have taken some time for him to get going. On the other hand, there have been times when he’s horny and springs into action as soon as I touch him, play or no play. Another theory he posed was that maybe he has gone beyond his frisky stage and has entered his less frisky stage. We may have passed Lion’s peak of freshness. His sell by date. Lucky for me I have a caged lab rat to experiment on.

First I need to figure out if he’s gone past his peak. This should be easy to figure out by getting the Lion weather report. If it’s still hot and steamy, then chances are good he’s still ripe. If he’s ripe then suggestions of what I’ll do to him later should work well. Of course, if he’s not they could still work well. But at least I’ll know ahead of time.

The more difficult part is what to do if he has gone beyond his frisky stage. Do I give him an orgasm just to start the process over? Do I make him wait longer because if he no longer cares about having an orgasm he can wait with no trouble at all? I do know he’s not as much fun to play with if he’s not interested. A lioness likes to play with her food.

I had another thought last night. Do I change his scheduled date now that we are beyond it? Would that signal Lion that he has to wait until that date or will he just watch that date coming closer and wonder whether he’ll have an orgasm before then? There may be a whole psychology thing going on that I don’t understand. As far as Lion knows, his orgasm could come at any time. Tonight, tomorrow, a week from Wednesday. If I change the date, he may reset his own clock. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll leave the date where it is. If he makes it past the next date, I can always congratulate him on making and he still won’t know when he will actually have an orgasm.

I think this has officially entered the realm of being more difficult than parenting.

For the last two years I’ve been sure that I have a “chastity” cycle that is predictable. A couple of days ago I learned that it has either changed or I was completely wrong. I’ve consistently written that my tree-humping peak was on the fifth day of waiting. After that, it slowly dropped off until by the tenth day I wasn’t very horny at all.

The last couple of times my wait has extended past a week, I got more and more horny ever single day. For example, Thursday night was my ninth day. I was so horny that when 2.0 unlocked me and told me to get on my knees for some anal fun, I was hard as a rock without any help. I stayed hard through administration of a medium spanking and an injection of peppermint oil up my ass.

I never reacted this strongly on my fifth day; ever. Each day I think that I have peaked, and each day I’m even more desperate. My curiosity  is starting to outpace my need to have an orgasm. Will my desire continue to grow? How long will 2.0 make me wait this time? Stay tuned.

I think there’s a good reason my interest has kept growing: Mrs. Lion has made a point of playing and edging every night. Thursday night, for example, 2.0 showed no mercy. She edged me over and over. I was left exhausted but still hard. She tried applying ice to calm me down. It didn’t work. A zip lock bag filled with ice covering my penis reduced my erection a bit, but not enough to get my ring or cage back on. Is there a trick we don’t know to end an erection?

It looks like I need about a week of waiting before my desire starts to reach the point I’ve been experiencing the last few days.. Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought that extended waits end up with desire leveling off at a rather low point. After a long wait, orgasms at the end were somewhat anticlimactic; at least that’s what I’ve read other guys claim.

When we discussed the idea of extending my wait to see how long the excitement grows, Mrs. Lion expressed concern that we will only know that after I peak. She likes to take an orgasm when I am fully ripe and at my peak. An overripe lion isn’t as much fun for either of us.

I still have mixed feelings about longer waits, but I have to say that my feelings are moving more toward waiting until I am fully ripe and ready. The daily play/edging sessions are more and more exciting as the wait increases from my last orgasm. After all, edging is the closest a male can get to multiple orgasms. Yes, the frustration is incredible, but I’m having so much fun that I don’t want it to stop. Once I get to come, it will be a week before the fun reaches these new, high levels. Wow! Am I saying I don’t want to come? Me?

Lion is funny. When I make a “maybe” statement and we talk about it, he thinks a decision has been made. He’s convinced he’ll only have two orgasms in April. He may very well, but that decision hasn’t been made yet. Yes, there is a trend. Yes, I said I wasn’t going to wreck that trend by giving him another one in March. Yes, he made a comment on one of my posts that he thinks two orgasms per month is optimum. So? He, of all people, should know that 2.0 doesn’t care about trends or schedules. She is aware that too many might be unwelcome. She is aware that too few is definitely unwelcome. She doesn’t care. If she wants him to have orgasms three days in a row, he’ll have orgasms three days in a row.

Another area we had crossed wires was 2.0’s plans for last night. I said I was going to use some peppermint oil on him and then use the butt plug. He took that to mean I was going to make his balls hot and use the butt plug. He said peppermint oil wasn’t hot enough. He wanted the menthol rub. He was getting excited about it. I said I was using the peppermint oil. He had already decided I would use the menthol rub. Then I realized we weren’t talking about the same thing. I was going to use the peppermint oil anally, not on his balls. He was still off and running with the menthol rub. Sometimes I let him think what he wants to think and do what I was going to do anyway. Other times I feel backed into a corner. I think the backed into a corner feeling is worse when I have other things on my mind. I should just stop him in his tracks. I guess 1.0 is still lurking out there.

It turns out that Lion did “enjoy” peppermint oil anally. It was hot, and I did do a stripe down his balls. And when the heat dissipated, the peppermint oil helped the Boy Butter as lube for the butt plug. Plus, Lion smelled like Christmas. Win win.

I was merciless when I edged him. He’d get so close and I’d stop, only to start right back up again. He really looked like he was in pain. And, after threatening for a while, I actually used ice on Mr. Weenie to get him calmed down. It wasn’t as immediate as I had hoped, but it worked eventually. Unfortunately, as Lion was putting his ring on, he got himself all excited again and we had to wait to put the cage on. We’ve also noticed something interesting. Lion doesn’t seem to fit in his cage as well when he’s super horny. It’s not because he isn’t soft enough. He just seems to have extra skin hanging out the top. The other night I was able to get it to fit better after a little while, but last night it didn’t seem to work. I guess we’ll wait and see if it is an issue after an orgasm or if it is just a horny Lion issue.

Yesterday I wrote about a hypothetical “mistake”, namely that I masturbated without permission. In a prior post, Mrs. Lion said that this infraction would mean she would unlock me and enforced chastity would be over. I argued that such a drastic move would hurt our relationship because we both believe that enforced chastity has greatly enhanced our marriage. I suggested that a severe punishment would be the appropriate way to handle this offense.

In a comment to that post Mrs. Lion said,

I can see Lion’s point about a lapse in concentration in the shower. However, that implies that if he were not caged, a similar lapse in concentration could result in his cheating with another woman. I’m not sure how I would handle that. It would certainly take him a long time to regain my trust. Cheating in the shower may not be as severe an offense as cheating with another woman, but with our relationship at stake, why take a chance?

This is a striking revelation. In her mind, me jerking off is close to cheating with another woman. Prior to enforced chastity, my masturbation would possibly raise an eyebrow, but not open a chasm of distrust. This is very telling. It sounds to me that she has not only accepted enforced chastity, but now control of my sexuality has risen to the same level as marital fidelity. Enforced chastity isn’t a sexual game or something she does to make me happy. It’s now an integral part of the vows we have taken as a married couple.

Prior to the last few days, we’ve never discussed this explicitly. When I brought up masturbation it was in the context of security; keeping me locked when not supervised. Mrs. Lion’s comment took me by surprise. Masturbation isn’t a disciplinary issue. It’s a marital betrayal with consequences as serious as an affair. To be clear, I’m in no danger of jerking off behind my lioness’ back. I’m also in no danger of cheating on her. But it is an odd feeling to realize that my surrender of sexual control is not only permanent, but also so serious to my wife.

I didn’t expect that. I haven’t given it much thought. Enforced chastity to me is just part of my life. I don’t expect to be alone without the chastity device in place. When I am, I act the same way I do when locked in. Of course I know that our marriage has improved since we adopted enforced chastity and that Mrs. Lion has accepted it as part of our lives.

This is a profound change to our relationship. What started as a kink has become one of our key relationship values. I’ve never experienced or witnessed this before. I’ve seen relationships started by people expressly to practice BDSM. I’ve seen those relationships fail when the people involved realized that there was more to living with someone. But I don’t know of any other kink that can create such a sea change in a relationship.

Now there is no doubt in my mind that I can’t take back sexual control. My sexual experiences belong to Mrs. Lion. Any breach could cause my marriage to end. I’m in no danger of risking that. Yes, Mrs. Lion I can be trusted. I know how important enforced chastity is to us.