For the last two years I’ve been sure that I have a “chastity” cycle that is predictable. A couple of days ago I learned that it has either changed or I was completely wrong. I’ve consistently written that my tree-humping peak was on the fifth day of waiting. After that, it slowly dropped off until by the tenth day I wasn’t very horny at all.

The last couple of times my wait has extended past a week, I got more and more horny ever single day. For example, Thursday night was my ninth day. I was so horny that when 2.0 unlocked me and told me to get on my knees for some anal fun, I was hard as a rock without any help. I stayed hard through administration of a medium spanking and an injection of peppermint oil up my ass.

I never reacted this strongly on my fifth day; ever. Each day I think that I have peaked, and each day I’m even more desperate. My curiosity  is starting to outpace my need to have an orgasm. Will my desire continue to grow? How long will 2.0 make me wait this time? Stay tuned.

I think there’s a good reason my interest has kept growing: Mrs. Lion has made a point of playing and edging every night. Thursday night, for example, 2.0 showed no mercy. She edged me over and over. I was left exhausted but still hard. She tried applying ice to calm me down. It didn’t work. A zip lock bag filled with ice covering my penis reduced my erection a bit, but not enough to get my ring or cage back on. Is there a trick we don’t know to end an erection?

It looks like I need about a week of waiting before my desire starts to reach the point I’ve been experiencing the last few days.. Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought that extended waits end up with desire leveling off at a rather low point. After a long wait, orgasms at the end were somewhat anticlimactic; at least that’s what I’ve read other guys claim.

When we discussed the idea of extending my wait to see how long the excitement grows, Mrs. Lion expressed concern that we will only know that after I peak. She likes to take an orgasm when I am fully ripe and at my peak. An overripe lion isn’t as much fun for either of us.

I still have mixed feelings about longer waits, but I have to say that my feelings are moving more toward waiting until I am fully ripe and ready. The daily play/edging sessions are more and more exciting as the wait increases from my last orgasm. After all, edging is the closest a male can get to multiple orgasms. Yes, the frustration is incredible, but I’m having so much fun that I don’t want it to stop. Once I get to come, it will be a week before the fun reaches these new, high levels. Wow! Am I saying I don’t want to come? Me?


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    I have read about a technique that is used to control premature ejaculation that may be helpful for reducing an erection. If you place your thumb on the ridge and a couple fingers on the underside of your penis and squeeze the tip, it will reduce the size of your erection. Repeat as necessary.

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      Ahhh, the “pinch” method first described by Masters and Johnson for helping with premature ejaculation. We’ve never tried it. Perhaps Mrs. Lion will try it soon.

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    How much peppermint oil was used?

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    I was just discussing this my wife over the weekend. I let her know that while I love and crave orgasm, I on the other hand I love being kept on that level of prolonged edge and denying my orgasm. When I am allowed to orgasm, I have days of post orgasmic slump and need at least a week to get back up to level. What is my peak of ripeness? I am at 6 weeks now, my longest was 9 weeks. So I think that a month is the least I should be denied, but it’s up to my wife if she wants to make me come 3 times a week.

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