Yesterday I wrote about a hypothetical “mistake”, namely that I masturbated without permission. In a prior post, Mrs. Lion said that this infraction would mean she would unlock me and enforced chastity would be over. I argued that such a drastic move would hurt our relationship because we both believe that enforced chastity has greatly enhanced our marriage. I suggested that a severe punishment would be the appropriate way to handle this offense.

In a comment to that post Mrs. Lion said,

I can see Lion’s point about a lapse in concentration in the shower. However, that implies that if he were not caged, a similar lapse in concentration could result in his cheating with another woman. I’m not sure how I would handle that. It would certainly take him a long time to regain my trust. Cheating in the shower may not be as severe an offense as cheating with another woman, but with our relationship at stake, why take a chance?

This is a striking revelation. In her mind, me jerking off is close to cheating with another woman. Prior to enforced chastity, my masturbation would possibly raise an eyebrow, but not open a chasm of distrust. This is very telling. It sounds to me that she has not only accepted enforced chastity, but now control of my sexuality has risen to the same level as marital fidelity. Enforced chastity isn’t a sexual game or something she does to make me happy. It’s now an integral part of the vows we have taken as a married couple.

Prior to the last few days, we’ve never discussed this explicitly. When I brought up masturbation it was in the context of security; keeping me locked when not supervised. Mrs. Lion’s comment took me by surprise. Masturbation isn’t a disciplinary issue. It’s a marital betrayal with consequences as serious as an affair. To be clear, I’m in no danger of jerking off behind my lioness’ back. I’m also in no danger of cheating on her. But it is an odd feeling to realize that my surrender of sexual control is not only permanent, but also so serious to my wife.

I didn’t expect that. I haven’t given it much thought. Enforced chastity to me is just part of my life. I don’t expect to be alone without the chastity device in place. When I am, I act the same way I do when locked in. Of course I know that our marriage has improved since we adopted enforced chastity and that Mrs. Lion has accepted it as part of our lives.

This is a profound change to our relationship. What started as a kink has become one of our key relationship values. I’ve never experienced or witnessed this before. I’ve seen relationships started by people expressly to practice BDSM. I’ve seen those relationships fail when the people involved realized that there was more to living with someone. But I don’t know of any other kink that can create such a sea change in a relationship.

Now there is no doubt in my mind that I can’t take back sexual control. My sexual experiences belong to Mrs. Lion. Any breach could cause my marriage to end. I’m in no danger of risking that. Yes, Mrs. Lion I can be trusted. I know how important enforced chastity is to us.