Lab Rat

Last night Lion didn’t seem to be as horny as he professed. Afterwards he offered an explanation. Maybe he was more turned on because Thursday I had baited the hook. I told him what I’d be doing to him that night. He was already excited before we even started. It seems plausible. I know he tends to be more aroused when I play with him beforehand rather than just going in for the kill, so to speak. Since I did nothing to announce my intentions last night, I can see that it might have taken some time for him to get going. On the other hand, there have been times when he’s horny and springs into action as soon as I touch him, play or no play. Another theory he posed was that maybe he has gone beyond his frisky stage and has entered his less frisky stage. We may have passed Lion’s peak of freshness. His sell by date. Lucky for me I have a caged lab rat to experiment on.

First I need to figure out if he’s gone past his peak. This should be easy to figure out by getting the Lion weather report. If it’s still hot and steamy, then chances are good he’s still ripe. If he’s ripe then suggestions of what I’ll do to him later should work well. Of course, if he’s not they could still work well. But at least I’ll know ahead of time.

The more difficult part is what to do if he has gone beyond his frisky stage. Do I give him an orgasm just to start the process over? Do I make him wait longer because if he no longer cares about having an orgasm he can wait with no trouble at all? I do know he’s not as much fun to play with if he’s not interested. A lioness likes to play with her food.

I had another thought last night. Do I change his scheduled date now that we are beyond it? Would that signal Lion that he has to wait until that date or will he just watch that date coming closer and wonder whether he’ll have an orgasm before then? There may be a whole psychology thing going on that I don’t understand. As far as Lion knows, his orgasm could come at any time. Tonight, tomorrow, a week from Wednesday. If I change the date, he may reset his own clock. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll leave the date where it is. If he makes it past the next date, I can always congratulate him on making and he still won’t know when he will actually have an orgasm.

I think this has officially entered the realm of being more difficult than parenting.