Lion is funny. When I make a “maybe” statement and we talk about it, he thinks a decision has been made. He’s convinced he’ll only have two orgasms in April. He may very well, but that decision hasn’t been made yet. Yes, there is a trend. Yes, I said I wasn’t going to wreck that trend by giving him another one in March. Yes, he made a comment on one of my posts that he thinks two orgasms per month is optimum. So? He, of all people, should know that 2.0 doesn’t care about trends or schedules. She is aware that too many might be unwelcome. She is aware that too few is definitely unwelcome. She doesn’t care. If she wants him to have orgasms three days in a row, he’ll have orgasms three days in a row.

Another area we had crossed wires was 2.0’s plans for last night. I said I was going to use some peppermint oil on him and then use the butt plug. He took that to mean I was going to make his balls hot and use the butt plug. He said peppermint oil wasn’t hot enough. He wanted the menthol rub. He was getting excited about it. I said I was using the peppermint oil. He had already decided I would use the menthol rub. Then I realized we weren’t talking about the same thing. I was going to use the peppermint oil anally, not on his balls. He was still off and running with the menthol rub. Sometimes I let him think what he wants to think and do what I was going to do anyway. Other times I feel backed into a corner. I think the backed into a corner feeling is worse when I have other things on my mind. I should just stop him in his tracks. I guess 1.0 is still lurking out there.

It turns out that Lion did “enjoy” peppermint oil anally. It was hot, and I did do a stripe down his balls. And when the heat dissipated, the peppermint oil helped the Boy Butter as lube for the butt plug. Plus, Lion smelled like Christmas. Win win.

I was merciless when I edged him. He’d get so close and I’d stop, only to start right back up again. He really looked like he was in pain. And, after threatening for a while, I actually used ice on Mr. Weenie to get him calmed down. It wasn’t as immediate as I had hoped, but it worked eventually. Unfortunately, as Lion was putting his ring on, he got himself all excited again and we had to wait to put the cage on. We’ve also noticed something interesting. Lion doesn’t seem to fit in his cage as well when he’s super horny. It’s not because he isn’t soft enough. He just seems to have extra skin hanging out the top. The other night I was able to get it to fit better after a little while, but last night it didn’t seem to work. I guess we’ll wait and see if it is an issue after an orgasm or if it is just a horny Lion issue.