Too Much Of A Good Thing

It’s Saturday morning at a campsite high on a mountainside near the Columbia River. There’s no cell service here, so we have to hunt for a place to upload our posts. We’ll probably go to the nearest town (fifteen miles away) and use the cell service to upload posts. The Columbia is the most dammed river in the world. We are planning to drive to Portland Oregon to get some donuts. Are you kidding? Donuts! Well, yes. The Pacific Northwest is devoid of good donuts and Pizza. Voodoo Donuts are the best we have ever eaten, including Dunkin’. There are no Dunkin’ Donuts between Canada and California.

Happily, our satellite antenna could find the mothership, so we could enjoy some TV. It was cloudy and rainy when we got here and cleared up after dark. We are over 4,000 up near the top of a mountain pass. It’s generally colder here than it is at lower altitude. We brought some warm clothes. Mrs. Lion tends to be warmer than I. She’s been running around in a t-shirt. In the trailer so was I; but that’s all.

Last night we were both tired and I was cold. Our trailer has great heat, but for some reason I just couldn’t warm up. I wasn’t horny at all. Mrs. Lion kindly put off play. As usual on our camping adventures, I am wild. That feels nice, but no sexual feelings at all. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will remember the restraints on our bed. We only used them once this summer. We tripped over them last night when we changed the sheets; at least I did. I tripped over one.

Mrs. Lion always teases me when I tell her I am broken. It has been four days since my last orgasm. I should be showing some interest. Mrs. Lion is confident she can revive me. I know she can. Actually, the fact that she can arouse me when I have no interest in sex is a meaningful demonstration of her sexual control. Most guys think of enforced chastity as the keyholder preventing orgasm no matter how much her man wants to come. Not too many realize that forcing the male to become aroused when not interested in sex is probably an even stronger expression of her power.

You’re probably thinking, “I always want to come. That’s no demonstration of keyholder power.” Oh yeah? What if she tells you that she will make you orgasm every hour, or even half hour for an entire weekend? That’s right, from the time you wake up until she lets you go to sleep, every hour she will make you come. It’s fun for the first few times, but eventually your penis will be sore and you have no semen left. Before bedtime the first night you will be begging to not come. But since she is the boss, you know that as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, she will go back to work. One weekend like this will cure you of the belief that there is no such thing as too much sex. You will beg to be locked up again.

Mrs. Lion understood this and taught me that lesson when we first started enforced chastity. She decided to take an orgasm every day. In a few days I dreaded the nightly orgasm. She was kind and let me off the hook. She isn’t all that kind anymore. During the last months she has been extremely kind to me. She knows how upset I have been about my lack of success getting work. I am in an industry that thinks forty is old. We live in the epicenter of the high tech industry. I was sure we were doomed to bankruptcy and poverty. I think she secretly thought so too. We may have gotten an eleventh-hour reprieve.

Now that I have a job, Mrs. Lion can go back to less sympathetic exercise of her power. She’s armed with a new orgasm-provoking weapon: the Magic Wand vibrator. Her hands and mouth are already amazing at extracting arousal and orgasm. Now she has a power tool. It’s got a good charge, but she left the charger at home so her nuclear option is a bit limited.