We’ve arrived safely at our campsite. The trailer is set up, satellite working well. Our LTE internet is so slow as to be useless. We’ve run into this before.We go somewhere the cell service is better and upload our posts. The Columbia river gorge is beautiful. Our site has a short path to a beach on the river. Our dog loves it here.

When we travel, all rules are in place. I have to be very careful because, when we travel I can forget my manners when I’m focused on driving. I think I did well this time. Old lions can learn new tricks; at least manners. Mrs. Lion promised we would play on this trip. Arrival day is rarely one where we have the energy to do too much. I am writing this late on our arrival day. We are heading out to get some food and needed supplies, then back to the camper for a shower and needed rest.

Mrs.Lion unlocked me before we left. I will be wild until we get home a week from now. More tomorrow when we both are rested.


  1. Author

    Will your week of freedom make returning to your “cage” difficult?

    Today is my first day of enforced chastity and I have a lot to learn. My wife is reluctantly going along with it. But time is on my side.

    1. Author

      Hang in there, sir. It gets easier to get into each time.

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