No Chicken, No Donuts, No Fun

The problem with ordering groceries to be delivered is that you can’t get everything you can get in person. For example, Lion and I like to get fried chicken breast every so often. This is from the deli counter and I guess Instacart doesn’t want their people waiting around there because you can’t get deli meat from them either. The other thing we like are Top Pot donuts. They are available in some of the grocery stores near here, but again, not in an Instacart order.

I had to go to the office today to drop off some completed work and pick up more. The grocery store we order from is a few blocks from the office. I can see the building from my desk. Since I was already out and about, I figured I’d stop in for donuts and chicken breast, among other things. Sadly, there was only one chicken breast available and it would have taken too long to make more. Bummer! When I first walked in the door, I noticed there were no donuts in the case. Damn! This was looking like a wasted trip all ways around. We did need a few other things, but when you’ve got your mouth all set for certain things only to go away empty-handed it’s disappointing. Eggs, bread and OJ, while needed, are no substitute for donuts and fried chicken. The doctor told Lion not to eat dairy items because they’d only mess with his stomach. Lion thought he should be eating yogurt to give the natural bugs in his stomach a boost. I got him a few yogurts in case he wants to give it a try anyway. I’m sure he’ll eat them when he feels better if he doesn’t eat them now.

We thought he was getting better, but then he got more cramps. Every morning he says he feels better only to have his guts attack him later in the day. He’s been apologizing for not being any fun. I don’t care so much about the fun part. I’m worried about the pain part. It’s not like we go out dancing every night and he’s cramping my style. We were going to be home watching TV anyway. I’d just prefer he not be in pain. If things don’t improve by tomorrow, he’ll call the doctor for more advice.

I know he’s probably lamenting the fact that he’s gotten no action lately. I’m pretty sure his mind is anyway. His body is thinking it doesn’t want any sudden movements of any kind. I’m not rushing him. He can have whatever action he wants at any time he can handle it. Being sick takes enough energy. I don’t need him worrying about disppointing me. I’m not going anywhere.