Punishment At The Campground

Here we are in the middle of nowhere. We are so far from civilization that there is no cell phone service. Can you imagine that? Lioness and I are writing our posts on our laptops in our trailer, then we drive into town (about 12 miles away) and find some cell service and upload our posts. As a result, I can’t give you the latest news. Mrs. Lion’s post will fill you in on Saturday’s festivities.

Friday night was our postponed punishment night. Mrs. Lion travels with a toy bag that contains some seriously painful implements. Last night she used a very heavy wooden spoon. The back of the bowl is covered with “traction tape”. That’s the extremely course sandpaper used to prevent slips on stairs and walkways. It is truly non-slip. That means when she lands a swat, the spoon doesn’t slip at all. 100% of the force goes to the spot she hits. I swear I could feel every grain of coarse sandpaper.

I was being punished for interrupting Mrs. Lion last week. She really hates that and when she catches it, I suffer. So my butt was stinging Friday night. Right after the spanking she had me roll over for some teasing. It took a bit to get my motor running, but she knows exactly how to jump start me. She edged me a couple of times and called it a night. It’s been several days since she’s edged me. Friday was my seventh day of waiting. When she was done, she smiled and said she had some fireworks planned for me on the Fourth of July. That’s today (I’m writing this in advance so I have time to go to town and upload it.) Knowing her, I’m pretty sure my butt will be sore again. I wonder if she will give me an orgasm tonight or just play and leave me high and dry.

Mrs. Lion has been making some decisions. Friday, she asked me to do the driving when we went off on an excursion. That’s very new. She decided what we would have for desert last night. She also asked me to go into the bedroom when she was ready to punish me. Mrs. Lion doesn’t (at least so far) “tell” me to do things. She asks. Of course I agree. I wonder what would happen if I said no. Would my bottom be reminded that I can’t say that? I hope so. This stuff may seem very lightweight to you. But it isn’t for us. Bear in mind that until now I have made all the decisions: big and small. Now she is asserting herself. I have no doubt that these baby steps will soon be followed by a much more assertive lioness who will deal with any insubordination with a very red, sore lion butt.

I really try to encourage her decisiveness. I worry that even light pushback from me will stop her progress. I’m not confident that she has enough comfort with being assertive and with spanking me for punishment that she would survive any lion paw dragging. The problem as I see it, is that if I test her, I will just discourage her and she will retreat. If, at some point, I don’t resist and face the consequences, I will never truly believe that I’m not letting her make decisions. I’m also not sure that she believes that she is making the decisions, not that I’m just letting her.

This is one of the difficult transitions we have to make into FLM. We both have to believe that she is really in charge. I have learned that breaking a rule is no fun for me at all. I don’t like the spankings. So far they are mercifully short. But they send a message. I think the next step is to send a much stronger, hurt-the-next-day message. That will be really hard for me to take. But then that’s the idea, isn’t it?

In terms of Mrs. Lion making decisions, at the same time she is upping the punishment anti for rule breaking, she can continue deciding and asking me as she is now. I think she will slowly gain comfort making bigger decisions and eventually stop asking and start telling. My job is difficult too. I have to accept and thank her for much stronger spankings. She has to remember that it is what I want, though not necessarily at the time she is spanking me. I have to remember to thank her and let her know that I want her to hurt me this way. I have to make it easier for her to become stricter. It’s worth some seriously painful spankings to help her feel her power. If Friday night she hit me two or three times as many times, I would have gotten a much stronger message. I have to learn to lie there and take it and I need the reminder the next day that I displeased her. I also think her “maintenance” spankings have to be a lot more like, if not identical to, punishment spankings. The idea is to desensitize her to my discomfort and for me to learn to hold still or else. I will regret writing this, but I think we need to move to the next level.

What are your experiences with discipline and transferring control to the female partner? I’d appreciate it if you could offer a comment with your insights into how we can grow our FLM and domestic discipline Thank you.