Lion is still in the disbelief stage of getting a new job. The other day he said he thinks he forgot how not to be sad. In time, that feeling will be replaced by the excitement of starting and the what-have-I-gotten-myself-into of the first few days. He’ll get there.

The other day I was thinking that I’d make Lion wait until he actually starts his new job to get his new-job bonus orgasm. When I looked at the schedule, I realized his next orgasm is scheduled for the day he starts work anyway. Is that fair? I don’t think so. My plan now is that when he gets past the disbelief stage and shows signs of being happy again he can have his bonus orgasm. Of course, assuming he’s horny, he’ll get his upcoming orgasm. The extra one will come sometime between his scheduled orgasms.

Lion did the driving yesterday. He found a website that warned when traffic would be bad and he wanted to leave early to avoid being stuck. It worked perfectly. We had almost no slowdowns. We arrived early. The campground looked like a ghost town. Perfect! No one could see how bad we were at parking. For some reason I cannot explain to Lion which direction he needs to turn to get the trailer where we want it. I can do it myself, but I cannot direct him. What’s up with that? Eventually Lion gave up and said I should just do it. Bang. Done. In a few tries, of course, but I got it exactly where we wanted it.

Two things became apparent as we watched other people arrive. They all had problems. It wasn’t just us. The angle of the sites and the narrowness of the road combine to make things difficult. The other thing we realized is that not all other wives help with parking and set up. The people next to us left everything up to the man. No one helped him back in. No one helped him level. No one helped him with electric, water, or sewer. The wife and teenagers stood there and watched. What the heck?

I would never leave everything to Lion. He tends to do certain things and I do other things, but there have been a few times, when it was very hot, that Lion couldn’t do as much so I helped more. And there have been a few times when I wasn’t able to do as much. We make a great team. We each have our strengths and we play to them.

Today we are off on another adventure. Wherever we wind up, we’ll have fun. It’s what we do.