Lion Evolution

view of columbia river
View of the area where we were staying. Here we are looking upstream at the Columbia River. The Sam Hill (no kidding) bridge provides a crossing we used many times.

We’re back home. We got in late yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Lion’s power tool (Magic Wand) remained in her camper dresser throughout our trip. I wonder when she will try it again. I find the way it affects me as amazing. I guess it is because I never expected it to do more than annoy me. I do prefer her mouth or hand to the machine. It’s just one more tool she can use. On Monday night I got my first standing-up punishment. I’m sorry to say that I still find it very difficult to hold still for my beating. I really expected to be better by now. I’m not a very brave lion, I guess.

I was uncaged the entire long weekend. It was very nice, but most of the time it felt like I was in a “phantom” cage. I felt like I was caged and even attempted to adjust myself a few times only to discover that I was wild. After so much time wearing the cage full time it is hard to even imagine myself without it. It’s true that in the tight quarters of our trailer, being wild is a lot easier for me. I know, I know, I could manage even if locked up, but Mrs. Lion decided it would be better if I am uncaged. Who am I to argue?

Our brand of enforced chastity is a blend of orgasm control, D/S, domestic discipline, and FLM (Female Led Marriage). This is all mixing and evolving over time. We still have a long way to go. Mrs. Lion is now firmly in charge. She still says she does it because it is what I want. I believe her. That’s not to say this is all a sexual fantasy of mine that has come to life. It did start that way, but as things evolved, while still being done for my benefit, Mrs. Lion owns the way she manages me.  I don’t really expect her to assume her dominant role out of her own inner need.

While most guys imagine that their keyholder is driven to own and master them, I think the reality is quite different. Not a lot of people are driven by the need to dominate a partner. This is true of both men and women. Certainly it is the case with Mrs. Lion. There are many reasons why a woman will assume control other than to fulfill her partner’s fantasies. She is a better manager and by exercising control can keep the bills paid, the kids properly dressed, and her husband doing his chores. This rarely takes on the D/S flavor that those of us in enforced chastity and FLM want.

I think that I am probably the better manager in our house. Mrs. Lion lets me continue to do the things I have always done. I pay most of the bills and do the majority of the planning for us. The big difference now is that I don’t just go and do things. I ask for approval first. It feels a bit artificial to both of us at this point, but I think that in the near future she will expect to be asked and will punish me if I act independently. FLM aside, I believe that it will be better for us as a couple if I always seek her agreement before acting. The problem right now is that she and I are both used to our old roles that she never catches me when I slip. I need those corrections if I am to change. And, I do want to change in this area.

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