Out of The Woods

We are camped in the middle of a Ponderosa pine forest, but in many ways we are out of the woods. Lion is letting the idea of having a job wash over him. We had a celebratory dinner last night. We wish he was starting sooner, but, in some ways, I think it’s better that he’s not rushing right off to work. It’s been a long time. We need to transition into his working full time again.

I think Lion is getting used to the idea of being horny again, too. Yesterday he said he was moderately horny. Last night we proved that. I edged him three or four times. When I was done he said he wasn’t broken. Nope. He’s not. I never think he is. He worries though. As long as there is a reason for his not being horny I won’t consider him broken. If he is happy and wants to be horny but just isn’t, then he might be broken. Of course, if he dwells too much on the idea that he might be broken then he stands a better chance of fulfilling that prophecy.

My Lion is correct, I think, that once he’s settled into the idea of having a job, I will be a meaner, more in-charge Mrs. Lion. I’ve taken it easy on the poor, unemployed boy. Now he has no excuse. With less stress on me too, I will be more likely to have the energy to whomp his tush and find reasons to punish him. I can be a less kind, less gentle keyholder. We both know I can’t transform overnight, but I can at least go back to the way it was before he lost his job. I’m never going to rule with an iron fist.

So things are on their way back to normal in the Lion’s den. Finally. We have a few more gray hairs and a few more wrinkles, but we made it through.