Technically two unless you count the ruined orgasm Friday. Yesterday, less than a day from an orgasm, Lion said he was really horny again. Maybe he is a goldfish too.

We were relaxing in the bedroom in the afternoon. He’d reminded me earlier that it was punishment night. He asked me what was on his list. I told him he was supposed to remember. He said he only remembered reminding me about maintenance spanking night and he was only a half hour late. As I recall, I reminded him. And I wondered if missing it by only a half hour was supposed to get him half a punishment. He said he has nothing to do with the punishment part. Very true. He had also interrupted me a few times, which I hadn’t asked him to remember. Plus the biggie of embarrassing me but I didn’t count that one. Depending on his behavior next weekend I may have to punish him retroactively. I did remind him that he holds the key to the punishments. If he obeys then he doesn’t get punished. All he has to do is be a good Lion. Simple, right?

He made the mistake of rolling over while we were laying there and I asked if he was offering his butt to me because he was ready for his punishment. He rolled back over and said no. Too late! I got a mean paddle and swatted those cute buns very hard ten times. To his credit, he did not move. He didn’t even yell into the pillow. He was a very good boy.

A little while later I started massaging his balls and stroking him. Mr. Weenie was at full attention in no time. How could he be so horny the day after an orgasm? There’s really no rhyme or reason to it. I edged him a few times. He was bucking away. I decided that even though he had come about 24 hours before, I hadn’t tasted it. He’d had his fun of ejaculating inside me. Now it was my turn to have fun. I gave him a hand job and enjoyed every drop of Lion creme filling.

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