Come On Command

Mrs. Lion is under the weather. She has a combination of her monthlies plus what might be a reaction to her flu shot. She is in bed feeling tired and achy. Last night we had some of my homemade chicken soup. That cures anything. So, understandably, we are in a sexual lull. I’ve been thinking about conditioning a lot lately. Mrs. Lion, that doesn’t mean you are failing me because you don’t do it! I’ve been thinking about it, that’s all.

Conditioning, at least my definition, is learning something so well that it becomes virtually involuntary. The taught behavior becomes normal. One area that’s had my interest for years is controlled orgasm. In the past, I trained a couple of women to come on command, and conversely not be able to come without my permission. Fortunately, this wasn’t a permanent behavioral change. It required frequent exercise to keep it strong.

Many keyholders help their caged males learn to withhold orgasm unless they have permission. That’s particularly useful if the caged male’s penis is desired for intercourse or other recreational uses. Once learned, there is very little risk of an “accident”. The keyholder learns just how far she can go before he can’t hold back. Over time, it should be possible for him to simply lose the ability to ejaculate without permission. That, of course, is the goal of conditioning.

Learning to come on command is a very popular male fantasy. I’ve had it for many years. It is the ultimate sexual control. Not only is the cage a physical barrier to unauthorized erection and orgasm, but now the body itself, loses the ability to orgasm without the keyholder’s command. That idea is very arousing to me.

I don’t know any men who have, in fact learned to come on command. If conditioned to do this, without any stimulation, the male will begin ejaculating without any stimulation. His keyholder says, “come for me!” and the semen flows from his hard or soft penis. I think that is an ideal that is not attainable for most. However, it is pretty easy to teach a male to come during masturbation when he is told, and not come until he gets the command.

This can be done with a combination of two exercises. The first is to teach him to hold off unless he gets permission. This is done during edging. When close to orgasm, tell him not to come until you allow it, if you allow it. When he gets close, say, “Wait, wait.” If you see he is unable to wait any longer, stop. Avoid a ruined orgasm. Let him recover a bit and try again. Over time he will learn to master holding off. Praise him when he does. Reward is critical. Punishment is of questionable value for conditioning, but is part of my fantasy. An accident would earn me a long, hard spanking right after I ejaculate. As I said, this probably isn’t going to make me better at holding off.

The second exercise is learning to ejaculate when told. A simple method for this is for you to  masturbate him and then at the right moment, order him to come and watch him squirt. When first starting out, masturbate him until he is very close, tell him you will count down from ten to one. You want him to come before you reach one. Count down slowly so he will succeed. Over time, start the count when he is not quite so close. Try to time it so he succeeds, but succeeds earlier and earlier in his arousal cycle. When he seems to have mastered this well; he will ejaculate within the ten count even though you have not stimulated him too much, you can count from five to one. The goal is to get him to come when you say, “Ready” (pause a second or two), “Set” (pause again, this time until you know he is about to squirt), and then, “Go!” You want him to succeed.

This process takes a long time and it doesn’t always work with every man. But I am pretty sure that it would work with me over time. Teaching a male to voluntarily control a process he has never controlled isn’t easy. Holding off is the first step at that control. Coming on your command has him learn that he can’t ejaculate without your command. This can take a year or more. However, I doubt it will be boring to either of you.


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