training collar below balls
This is the training collar in place on Lion. It fits nicely behind the Jail Bird chastity device.

As we all know, there is a big gap between a fantasy and its realization. Case in point: my training collar. This device offers Mrs. Lion the opportunity to give me instantaneous feedback no matter where we are. This feedback is either a rather pleasant vibration or an electrical shock.

Until this week, Mrs. Lion has used the collar to correct me for interrupting or other on-the-spot offenses. Each shock has made me jump and sometimes yelp. We both interpreted that to mean the shock was very unpleasant. I certainly didn’t like receiving one. But after a recent interaction with this device, I have revised my thinking.

We went out and I forgot to wear the collar. Mrs. Lion noticed and showed me her phone screen that showed it couldn’t connect with the device. Uh oh. She had decided that when I forget to wear it, when we got home I would put it on and she would shock me as punishment for forgetting. So, when we got home that’s exactly what happened.

I felt the first shock, but it was so mild it didn’t make an impression at all. She turned up the intensity. I felt the next one a little more. She upped it again. Yup, I felt it. But the truth is that it didn’t make enough of an impression to make sure I would never forget it again. That got me thinking.

Unlike spanking or other traditional punishments, the training collar has no lasting effect, isn’t particularly painful, and isn’t humiliating. But in the right context it works amazingly well. When I put it on, I know that Mrs. Lion can zap me anytime without warning and without my cooperation. I can’t easily remove it. No matter where we are, she can do this without any fuss or bother on her part. Knowing that has a strong emotional effect on me.

Even though I can’t feel it on me, I know it’s there. I also know that there is no way I can avoid its effects. This alone makes me a lot more careful about how I behave; especially in public. When I see her phone screen is on the training collar app, I become even more careful. I want to avoid that zap.

You may wonder why I would care so much if the shock isn’t particularly horrid. I think the main reason is that it comes without warning and feels like a sharp slap under my balls. It isn’t pleasant. I think the surprise more than anything makes me jump and yelp.

What makes it so effective for me is that I know that I can’t avoid it. I get no time to prepare for the sensation. I have absolutely no ability to delay or reduce the correction. None. It isn’t the correction itself. it’s my total lack of control. I can’t prepare for it. It happens no matter where I am. As far as I’m concerned, that’s real control.

I don’t have to strip and lie on my stomach, stand in the corner, or do anything else. I get corrected without complying in any way. That’s really the ultimate form of control. It may not be the most painful, but it is the most immediate. Once the collar goes on, my participation is not required. I do what I am told or I will feel that sharp slap. It’s as good for training me as it is for the dog it was designed for.

The collar doesn’t replace traditional punishment. it adds a new dimension: immediate correction. There’s nothing else like it for a disciplined male.

training collar below balls
This is the new training collar in place on Lion. It fits nicely behind the Jail Bird chastity device.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we got a new “toy” (if you’re not, check out  here, here, and here). It’s a doggy training collar that delivers “communications” via a smart phone. I wear the business end of the device around my cock and balls. It fits nicely behind the base ring of the Jail Bird. It’s very comfortable to wear. At the touch of a button on her phone’s screen, Mrs. Lion can send a strong vibration or a shock to the device.

We tried it out yesterday. She delivered a very strong test shock while I was eating at IHop. In Costco she tried the vibration function. Happily, I can feel the vibration. It’s strong enough to cut through any distraction that may have my attention. The feeling isn’t sexual. Too bad. It just feels like a small vibrator under my balls. With the old unit, all she has available was the shock. So if she wasn’t correcting me and just wanted my attention, I got shocked. Now she has a painless alternative.

I like wearing this device. It gives me a heightened sense of vulnerability; the same sense I get when my hands (mostly) and feet are restrained. I am powerless to resist whatever Mrs. Lion wants to do. The training collar is like invisible bondage to me. I am constantly aware that by touching a button on her smart phone she can deliver sensations to my tenderest spot. I am powerless to resist. That’s a turn on for me.

The device is a win/win for us. It’s exciting for me to wear and it gives Mrs. Lion a use-anywhere tool that effortlessly corrects me and gets my attention whenever she wishes. In a way it’s like spanking to me; exciting in concept, miserable when received. Ok, the training collar isn’t anything near as painful as a spanking. It’s like a series of short slaps to my perineum. I get a zap every half second or so as long as her finger is on the button. The higher the intensity, the stronger and sharper the “slap”. Unlike a spanking, there are no after effects. There is no sensation after the “slap”. Interrupt Mrs. Lion, zap! Not so much painful as surprising and guaranteed to shut me up.

When I first heard of this application of a training collar, I figured it was way out on the edge play end of the kink scale. The entire concept of an electrical shock under my balls seemed very extreme. Most of our readers feel that way too. The first device we had (post), turned out to be impractical. It was uncomfortable to wear and Mrs. Lion needed to carry a special remote control to use it. The shocks were far less controllable.

This new device is easy to adapt for under-ball wear, very safe, comfortable, and offers two effective way to get my atention or correct me for a misdeed. It seems extreme. Most people think using one on a dog is cruel. How much worse must it be for a man? It turns out that on a dog, the device is a humane, fun (really!) way to train your dog. It isn’t painful. When properly set up, it provides just enough stimulation to get the dog’s attention. In most applications the vibrator is all that is ever needed.

The same is true for a man. The concept of the device seems wrong, even cruel. But in practice, I’ve learned it is a safe, effective way for a disciplining wife to maintain physical control anywhere they are together; even in public. Just knowing I am wearing it makes me more attentive. It’s a very new feeling to realize that I am actually under Mrs. Lion’s physical control even in a quiet restaurant. She doesn’t have to postpone correction. She has that ability with her at all times. Just unlock her smart phone and touch a button. I get the message. Most significantly, I am always aware she can do this. I have to admit it makes me be much more careful with my behavior.

This training collar has one fantasy-inviting feature: Other people can download the app and if Mrs. Lion gives them the PIN, they have the ability to zap me too. The classic fantasy where the husband’s mother-in-law or sister-in-law punishes him can come to real life with this device. Anyone who has an iPhone or Android phone can get the power. I hope Mrs. Lion doesn’t share  the PIN with her friends from the office.

shock collar
Smartphone controlled shock collars offers new opportunities for male control. Click image for more information.

Over a year ago I wrote about using a dog training collar for male control. The device, a small pet training collar by Pet Safe works well. We had to modify the collar part to secure it under my balls. The device came with a small remote control that looks like a miniature TIVO. It works effectively. Depending on how Mrs. Lion sets it, I will jump or even jump and yelp.

We almost never use it. It requires Mrs. Lion to tell me to put it on and then carry the remote everywhere she goes. I think she forgets to use it. After all it isn’t on the top of her mind. Or, for that matter, mine.

Since I first proposed this form of correction, the only positive feedback I’ve received came from males. Women don’t seem to be attracted to it. To be honest, the idea of correcting me isn’t appealing to Mrs. Lion. She does it because it supports our female led relationship. I don’t think she has any particular aversion to the collar as a form of correction, but it does require her to remember to use it and with the old collar, have the remote at hand.

modified training collar
This is the Smart Dog training collar that Mrs. Lion modified. She removed the plastic end, then we cut both sides so that they wrapped tightly around cock and balls, then she sewed Velcro to the strap to fasten it.

What if we no longer needed the remote control? What if Mrs. Lion’s iPhone or iPad could control the collar. She always has one or both with her, even in the house. That leaves the problem of making sure that the collar is firmly nestled under my balls. That should be easy to solve. All we need is a rule. If I am to wear the collar when we are together, then if I forget she can correct me the old fashioned way; with her paddle. I’ll learn to put it on at the directed times.

The male side of using a shock collar for correction is training him to wear it at appropriate times. The disciplining wife side is now simple too. She just has to click on the icon for the app and then zap him. This is contingent on the device being comfortable to wear. We modified the other collar successfully. This one should be easier.

This device generates a single pulse every half second or so as long as Mrs. Lion has her finger on the button. It’s very different from the small dog training collar we used in the past. The pulses are more powerful as well. Set on “1” it is a very noticeable, but not very serious jolt. It’s enough to get my attention. Set higher, it definitely reflects Mrs. Lion’s feelings about what I did. Since it is a single pulse, it is more like a quick slap than anything else. It is very effective.

The big question is, why use this at all? The training collar works by sending static electric pulses through two contacts on the device. These pulses are harmless. The sensation varies from a mild vibration to a strong jolt depending on the setting Mrs. Lion selects. The pulses continue until she releases the button. Safety features in the collar prevent the duration from going more than a few seconds. The odd thing about this form of correction is that there is no after effect. When the stimulation stops, there is no further sensation.

If you are the disciplining woman, note that this is correction, not punishment in the classic sense. The sensation is uncomfortable and the duration is very brief. So, let’s say Mrs. Lion and I are in a restaurant. I forget and eat first. A two second touch of the button on the phone app will correct me then and there. This is behavior modification at its best.

shock collar on penis
Here is the modified training collar in place around my cock and balls. The “business” end is held in firm contact under my balls.

When I first heard about using a shock collar in 2014, it seemed like a hot, sexy form of control. I didn’t see it as a serious tool for training. The main reasons were the need for the remote control and the difficult battery changes. The old unit uses watch batteries. To put new ones in the collar, tiny screws had to be removed before changing  those little, expensive batteries. The same kind of batteries power the remote. It was a lot of trouble. The Smart Dog Trainer uses built-in rechargeable batteries. It’s very easy to recharge. The phone app indicates current battery reserves, so the disciplining wife can assure her male has kept his collar fully charged and ready to zap him.

Like every other component of domestic discipline, both partners have to develop new habits to include the collar. That takes a lot of time. Mrs. Lion has begun to truly internalize observing my behavior and responding with punishment when needed. We’ve never used the shock collar for actual correction. It’s been more of a D/S toy. I suspect it will remain that way for some time. However, if I have to wear the collar when we are together (the range is about  200 feet), then she can not only have more opportunities for playful zaps, but can use it for instant correction if she remembers it’s available.

The beauty of this device is that it isn’t dangerous. It has no lasting effects, and most important of all, it’s impossible to ignore. It doesn’t hurt that the stimulation is applied at the most sensitive area of male anatomy. Most significantly for me, at least, is that I can’t prevent or stop it. I can’t take it off without pulling my pants and underpants down and then fiddling with the Velcro.

No one but both of you will know it is there. Only you will know what is happening when a correction is applied. That’s why it can be used for public play as well as correction. Since the intensity of the zap is adjustable on the phone, she can administer milder zaps for play and then turn up the intensity when a true correction is needed. All she has to do is remember to take out her phone and use it.

I like adventure. In many ways I am a big cub. I’m curious and constantly interested in trying new things. Very often those new things I want to try end up causing me pain in one way or another. A good example was my curiosity to try a doggy shock collar as a way of providing remote-control corrections.

These collars send a static-electric jolt, generally a couple of pulses per second, when the remote control is pressed. The idea is that an unleashed dog will get a jolt, more surprising than painful, that will remind him to obey. The same principle apples to using one on me. In my case, the device is strapped around my cock and balls, with the receiver/shocker under my balls in contact with my perineum.

The device is invisible under clothing. Unlike most forms of correction, the jolt from the shock collar is unpleasant but has absolutely no after effect. It hurts while the current is on and then there is no “memory” of it on the place it was applied. But, I have a strong memory of it in my mind. If Mrs. Lion makes it strong enough, I will jump and yelp no matter where I am. Less voltage and I react, but not as obviously.

I talked about this a long time ago. We took a training collar and adapted it to fit me. On several occasions I have had to wear it when we go out. So far Mrs. Lion has never used it to correct me. She just gave me a jolt for the fun of seeing me jump. We almost never use it. It has a little remote control, like a tiny TIVO that controls it. Mrs. Lion has to remember to carry it.

There is a new version of the collar that works via Bluetooth on a cell phone app. It the device is strapped on me, all Mrs. Lion has to do is use the app to give me any level of correction she wants. So, I ordered one. Mrs. Lion found it in the mail yesterday and wrote about it.

There is one semi-fatal flaw in both the old and new devices: it requires Mrs. Lion to want to correct me. She is a very forgiving soul and resists retribution more often than not. Over the last few months she has become stricter and more observant of my sins. I’m not sure she has reached the point where she will push the button as soon as she observes a infraction. The shock collar requires that mindset.

She also plays a game with the shock collar; at least she did it a couple of times: Zapardy. I watch Jeopardy on TV and answer questions. Get one right, nothing happens; miss one and I get zapped. She appeared to enjoy that game. Maybe we will play again.

This post is yet another example of me poking the bear, well the lioness. My curiosity drives me to facilitate things like this. My butt, or in this case, my balls end up paying the price.