Yesterday turned out to be as eventful as Sunday. Monday is punishment day and I reminded Mrs. Lion in the morning. She remembered that I had forgotten to remind her of the last maintenance spanking day and I had interrupted her. She let me know I would get a spanking in due course. We spent most of the day exploring the local scenery and got back to our trailer by 3pm. I dutifully undressed and went into the bedroom to relax and watch a “Magnum PI” DVD. Mrs. Lion joined me and we enjoyed an episode.

I rolled over to stretch. Mrs. Lion said that I must be asking for my spanking now. I quickly rolled onto my back. Too late. She got her heavy wooden spoon and had me roll onto my stomach. She then administered a very painful spanking. She congratulated me for not trying to escape. Damn right! I didn’t want any extra swats. When she finished I rolled over again and we watched part of another episode. Then, without warning, she began teasing me. I put the TV on pause. She edged me a couple of times and then gave me another orgasm. That’s two days in a row! I truly am on vacation.

When I asked why she gave me another so soon, she asked if I was complaining. I assured her that I was merely curious. She said that on Sunday night because she was riding me, she didn’t get to taste my semen. I thought that was a plus. But she reminded me that she loves the taste, so today she got to use her hand and good enjoy the product of my ejaculation. Better her than me.

We went back to cuddling and watching TV. She asked me if the last two days were better because all the action took place much earlier in the day.  I said that it made a big difference. Maybe now that I am old, I want the early bird special. She laughed. We then told each other stories of our parents and the other kind of early bird special. We had some good laughs. We then went out for dinner. I’m truly happy that I got to come twice in two days. It contributes to the holiday feeling for me. I also feel much more mellow and relaxed.

Mrs. Lion played a little joke on me. She titled yesterday’s post, “Lion Makes Me So Mad”. That title worried me. The last thing I want to do is upset my lioness. After I read the post I realized it was a little joke on me. She knew the title would worry me.

Today we return home and tomorrow I am supposed to have four in-person interviews and three via Skype. Six of the seven are with one company. If I don’t growl or act too dumb, I may get lucky and have work. It’s work that I really want. I would get to do what I love. I’m optimistic. The odd interview is with another very large company that has a fantastic record for being a great place to work. We are both keeping our paws and fingers crossed.

This long weekend has done us both a lot of good. We are more relaxed than we have been in months. Our problems haven’t gone away, but we got to go away from them for a few days. We’ve also had a chance to spend all of our time together. I can’t think of anything I want to do more than that. This morning we are both very happy lions.


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    Lion…best of luck in your job interviews tomorrow. Thoroughly enjoy your and Mrs Lion’s blog!!

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    Lion Here’s wishing you luck for tomorrow’s interviews.

  3. Author

    Thank you for your good wishes. I’ll keep you posted.

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