Making A Spanking Memorable

Things are tightening up around the lion’s den. Mrs. Lion has also been thinking about an activity which I admit that I love to hate: spanking. When we got home from our long weekend, Mrs. Lion gave me the four hard swats called for in my Naughty Lion coupon. She used a hardwood (bloodwood) paddle with a very rough anti-skid tape applied to one side. I could feel every grain of that tape with each swat. THe next night she commented as she plugged my ass, that my cheeks were still rosy from my spanking.  She said she could see the markings from the non-skid tape.

I know that Mrs. Lion has wanted to provide more lasting sensation after a spanking. I admit that I would like that too. She has had very limited success marking me (bruising). In her defense, I have to say that over the years tops who spanked me have had similar complaints. I don’t mark easily. In her post  the other day, she wrote that she thought the heavy, wooden spoon would mark me. It should, but last time she used it, there were no lasting marks. Over the years I have learned that creating marks takes a special sort of swat. Many tops, including me, like to leave a “souvenir” or two on the bottoms we spank. Mrs. Lion does know exactly the right spot to swat me (green circles). She does that knowing full well I will feel it most there. I do and yelp each time she hits me. I think she likes my yelps.

When you go for a marking swat it is administered alone; that is, a long pause is taken both before and after administering it. One top warned me by saying, “I’m going to mark you now.” Markng requires an implement with a small surface area and a long enough handle to give good leverage. The large wooden spoon is a very good choice. The back of that spoon is fiendishly small. In the image of my butt (above),  you can see the the areas circled in red represent the prime locations for marks. Ideally, one per cheek will assure that the spanking will be remembered long after it is done. Within that sweet spot, lower and toward the crack is most tender and most memorable locations for bruises. Using the implement a very hard swat is required for the desired result.

I know that many couples don’t include spanking in their chastity lifestyle. We do because it is something that turns me on, at least before and after the fact. During the spanking I am always sorry I asked for it. Mrs. Lion has worked hard to overcome her feelings about “hurting” me. I am very grateful that she is so successful in providing this stimulation. While not every caged male will find spanking a useful part of the enforced chastity experience, it is something worth discussing and  potentially exploring. It certainly works for me.