Stocking Stuffers

bruised lion butt
This was the most severe marking I’ve gotten from Mrs. Lion. She had to work very hard to mark me. I hope her stocking stuffers will make things easier for her.
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It’s been a Lion’s age since I went BDSM toy shopping. When Mrs. Lion and I began playing our NFL game and she commented on the light weight of the tenderizer, I decided to see if it came in a heavier wood. It does. While exploring the other wares sold by Sporkwood, I saw some other intriguing offerings.

I ordered the heavier tenderizer. Mrs. Lion was impressed with both its utility and its beauty. I was very happy with the quality. The maker clearly knows woodworking and spanking. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen work this good.  For the record, I’m new to the idea of buying things intended to hurt me. In the past I shopped for tools I could use to hurt others.

Imagining some of the paddles pictured being used on me turned me on the same way imagining being spanked does. I’m smart enough to know that once those hot-looking paddles make contact with my butt, I won’t be so excited. Still, it’s hot to imagine how each would feel.

I had some ideas about what might help Mrs. Lion be a more effective spanker. She has been enjoying using our heavy wooden spoon to beat me. It stings like hell and Mrs. Lion has developed a fast-hitting style that makes me yowl. When I saw that Sporkwood sells a spoon-shaped paddle, I had to get it. You’ve read about it in an earlier post. It’s still untested. Mrs. Lion likes the look and feel, but hasn’t applied it to me. She likes how the wood feels soft. It won’t to my hind end. Maybe I’ll find out how bad soon.

spanser spanking paddle
Spenser spanking paddle. It’s small and very heavy.
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In my window shopping, I came across a small, heavy paddle that looks perfect for close-up work. It’s three inches wide and twelve long. Made of 3/4-inch Chechen wood, it’s heavy and will give a solid wallop. The small holes are supposed to prevent an air cushion from forming between my butt and the paddle. That’s just not an issue, but the holes may make some nice marks if Mrs. Lion hits hard enough.

After I ordered the Spensor paddle, I noticed a couple of others that looking “interesting”. This first may answer a challenge Mrs. Lion faces when spanking me: she’s found it nearly impossible to mark my butt. After she’s worked hard for a long, super-painful spanking, the pink fades in less than an hour. I have no lasting souvenirs.

focused spanking paddle
This monster is only 1-1/2″ wide and 20″ long. Bruising should be easy with this toy.
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Sporkwood makes what they call a focused discipline paddle. This one is incredibly mean. It’s only 1-1/2 inches wide and 3/4-inch thick. In chechen. this baby should easily bruise me if Mrs. Lion gives it a good, hard swing. The paddle is twenty inches long. It would be difficult to not leave a mark with this baby. Even though I got excited shopping for it, I know beyond any doubt that each and every swat will make me howl. The sample pictured isn’t in chechen. It was easy to request it in the heavier wood.

heart cutout paddle
This paddle will bruise and probably cut me with each swat. It measures 3-3/4 x 5 on the business end. The large hearts are cut out with sharp edges (no bevel). It will leave lots of loving, red marks.
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I also ran across a model that is absolutely sure to make me sorry I bought it. Those two hearts are cut straight through with no bevels. Each swat will leave marks and a little blood. Like the other paddles, I ordered this one in heavy chechen wood. A good, hard swat will leave heart-shaped messages of Mrs. Lion’s love. Isn’t that romantic?

There’s something special to me about marks and lasting pain when sitting down. To me, it is a nice reminder of the beating. When I’ve been beaten for breaking a rule, that pain makes me think about what I did to deserve it.

There’s another benefit to lasting marks: If Mrs. Lion decides to deliver multi-day punishment spankings, each successive day begins with her canvas softened and ready to feel every swat. From my perspective, a spanking is much more serious when it is administered to my already-sore bottom. Any remnants of erotic pleasure is going to be long gone by the first swat on day two.

butt buster paddle
This toy has a 12-inch delrin rod with a 2-inch industrial neopreme ball on the end. This will leave a mark every swat.
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Mrs. Lion wonders if these three paddles will end my spree. Gee, Christmas is around the corner. There are so many other interesting possibilities. Actually, only one other thing looks like a good possibility. Mark, in a comment, wrote about a heavy piece of wire (around an inch thick I imagine) that his wife uses to mark him. Mrs. Lion commented favorably about this implement.

I don’t think I will be able to get a couple of feet of 5/0 wire, but Sporkwood offers something that looks even meaner. This is the Big Black Butt Buster. It’s a heavy 2-inch industrial rubber ball on the end of a 12-inch delrin rod. It has a nice padded handle for Mrs. Lion’s comfort.  This toy will leave a bruise on every swat. If she wants me to get it (no, I didn’t order it), I will feel my spanking for days. If I were doing the spanking, I would put two or three nice bruises on each side of the crack at the sit spot. That would hurt for days.

I’m done shopping for a while. I think it would be interesting if Mrs. Lion wants the Black Butt Buster. It would make a nice stocking-stuffer. I’ll order it if she wants it.



  1. Just a couple of corrections: In our relationship, I’m the one wearing the chastity device, but (atypically, I realize) also the one swinging the paddle. My wife enjoys bondage a great deal, especially when some “sensation play” is added. I can understand the bondage, but being a spanking bottom doesn’t really turn my crank.

    Also, the Butt Buster may not be as quite mean as you’d think. We have a similar toy, and it just doesn’t have the concentrated mass of the Fairy Duster – the rubber head is just too light. It’s still attention-getting, certainly, but not as much as the Duster or a stainless-steel rod cane that I also have.

    You can get the Fairy Duster for a very reasonable $18 at (look in the catalog under “Nasty Things”):

    1. Author

      Thanks for the clarification. I’ll have to see if Mrs. Lion wants me to get the fairy duster or not. The price is right. When the new paddles arrive she can judge how effective her ability to bruise me will be with the new, meaner implements. Stay tuned.

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