Burns Like Fire

spanking spoon
Mrs. Lion’s wooden spoon is about 24 inches long and very thick and heavy. She spanks me with the back of the spoon. I can’t help but squirm with each swat.

Mrs. Lion’s no-more-light-swats policy has me worried. As she wrote in her post yesterday, she punished me for getting food on my shirt with her heavy wooden spoon, hitting full force. She administered just six swats. Just six swats? It felt like my butt was on fire. That spoon has a very small striking surface and Mrs. Lion is a strong woman. I burned for hours.

Last night I thought I dropped some chicken pot pie on the same shirt. A bit later I couldn’t find any stain. Mrs. Lion told me I just may have dodged the bullet. I sure hoped I did. There is a spot on my right butt cheek that is particularly sensitive. That spoon lights up every nerve ending. She hit it three times; once each time she swatted that cheek.

Those six swats made a strong impression on me. It’s the first time I took a punishment for a food spill seriously. After all, it’s a trivial offense. In the past, the punishment was light, almost fun. Monday night I was genuinely upset. After all, I just got a small spot of marinara sauce on my t-shirt. The last remnant of the game aspect of being spanked burned away in the fire of those six spoon swats.

Last night in the shower I wasn’t sanguine about my request for domestic discipline. Usually, I feel mildly aroused thinking about her ministrations. I soaped my bottom gingerly. There wasn’t any lasting pain there, but just thinking about that spoon hitting my sensitive spot brought back memories of that burn So vivid that I could actually feel it back there.

Truth be told, I can’t remember prior spankings giving me a burning sensation. I suspect it is the result of the very small impact zone of the spoon, combined with a full-force hit. I’ve read accounts of spankings burning like fire. Now I know how that feels. It’s no fun at all.

Last night, when I thought I had gotten some pot pie on my shirt, I was genuinely distressed. I recalled my shower thoughts. Am I out of my mind to want this? After all, I’m a grown man. I don’t want to feel the bite of that spoon. Is a spot of spaghetti sauce worth so much pain? What did I get into? I wondered if Mrs. Lion would go easier if I complained. Do I want to ask her to stop domestic discipline entirely?

If being punished was simply a sexy fantasy I wanted to bring to life, I might have told her that I want to end it. But it’s more than that. Much more.

I have to admit it. I can just charge ahead without consulting Mrs. Lion. She has always been willing to let me, whether what I wanted to do was something she wanted or not. I could interrupt her, make insensitive comments, and change the subject to be about me without her making a peep.

My lioness was too kind to put up any objection or fight. On rare occasions she would stop talking to me. I would have to wheedle out the reason for her anger. This can’t be good for our marriage. So I had the brilliant idea of asking her to adopt FLR and domestic discipline.

I reasoned that she would learn to express her feelings and stop me from just charging thoughtlessly ahead. Besides, the idea of being spanked is a turn on for me. I figured it was a win-win.

Stupid lion!

We’ve been slowly moving in the direction of fully embracing domestic discipline. Rght now it may be for spilling some food. But it won’t be long before I get punished for upsetting her. I am afraid of how that will feel. I better be on my best behavior.

I know what you’re thinking. I should get out now. But I can’t. It’s not because I have no choice. Of course I do. This is consensual, after all. But the price for quitting would be returning to the old patterns. I don’t want that.

Truth be told, aside from spilling food on my shirt, if being punished teaches me to be more careful of her (and others’) feelings, then I will be a better person. So, my vote is for Mrs. Lion to carry on. I’ll just have to be more careful. When I make a mistake,  Mrs. Lion will correct me and make sure the lesson will be burnt into me.