Lots Of Action

Lion''s Naughty Stool
This is my naughty stool. We bought it Saturday aand covered it with anti-skid tape to assure my freshly-spanked bottom will feel it. [Click image to enlarge]
[Sunday morning] I managed to get some olive oil on my shirt last night when we went out to dinner. That earned me more punishment. I had already racked one up for spilling the day before. I asked Mrs. Lion if she wanted to “bank” this punishment for a later date. She said that instead, if she wanted she could add a second punishment desert, like both corner time and mouth soaping. I shrugged.

During the day we did some shopping. We went to Walmart. Mrs. Lion took me to the Ladies underwear department. I had to stand there while she took a lot of time selecting panties for me. She would hold up a pair to show me. My reaction, I think, guided her purchases. I ended up with seven pairs of panties. Four of them are thongs. The rest, have very high legs designed to expose maximum cheek. They are a combination of pink, lace, or horrid patterns. She hasn’t revealed what I am going to do with all that lingerie,

We also bought a “punishment stool”. It’s a standard, high, wood stool. We went to Home Depot and bought a roll of anti-skid tape. This is very gritty tape designed to provide steady footing on ladder rungs. The tape is extra sticky and extra gritting. When we got home, we cut the tape to completely cover the top of the stool.

After dinner, Mrs. Lion brought out a large wooden spoon. The back, hitting surface has a patch of the anti-skid tape on it. We tried over-the-knee spanking again. This time she sat on one end of the couch and I lay over her lap with my chest on the couch. It worked!

After a thorough spanking; it was at least 300 swats, Mrs. Lion put the punishment stool in the corner and told me to sit on it. I did. It bit into my tender butt. She went into the bathroom. I heard the water running. She came out. Her hands were soapy and she had her bar of bath soap. She rubbed her soapy hands through my mouth and then inserted the bar of soap. I bit down on it.

I sat there a long time. Drool dripped al the way down the front of my chest. I hated every minute of it. When it was done, Mrs. Lion said I had been in the corner for twenty minutes It was the longest twenty minutes of my life. I felt and tasted the effects for hours.

Surprisingly, the spoon turned out to be one of the milder spanking implements that Mrs. Lion uses. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt. It just didn’t hurt as much as many of her other toys. I suggested that her hairbrush-shaped paddle is the most severe paddle for OTK. Her long-handled, bloodwood paddle — it has a tiny 3-inch spanking end — is beyond doubt the meanest tools in her bag. I hate even seeing it.

After I did the best job I could rinsing out my mouth and taking a shower to get the droll washed off we relaxed and watched a movie. After the movie, we went to bed. Mrs. Lion snuggled and then got out the Magic Wand. She gave me a great orgasm. I went to sleep smiling.

We’re on our way out now. I asked her what I should wear. Would it be a thong? Maybe the yucky lace? Nope. she wants me to wear my regular underwear with the training collar. Go figure.