Redeeming Coupons

Mrs. Lion presented me with “Love Coupons” on our anniversary in August. Mrs. Lion’s love coupons offer me some very attractive opportunities. However, like any coupons you use at the grocery store, there are terms and conditions. We discussed this topic while on a drive. One coupon I received was for “the orgasm of my choice .” Redeeming it gives me the right to specify how I want to orgasm. Originally, when I got the coupons, I asked Mrs. Lion if mid-wait I could use a coupon to get an orgasm. She said that I could. I then asked if my waiting time would start over again of if the coupon represented a bonus. I favored restarting the wait time and she agreed.

Our conversation in the car started with us discussing adding or subtracting time from a wait. Mrs. Lion said that coupons would be invalid if she extended a wait. Since she would only extend my wait as a punishment, I thought that was fair. We revisited the “bonus orgasm” coupon. It bothered both of us a bit that I could essentially call the shots by using a coupon. So, we settled on a more restrictive definition: The orgasm coupon could only be used at the end of a wait to allow me to decide how I would come on the appointed day. This way, Mrs. Lion retains absolute control but I also get a nice reward when I redeem my coupon. The other coupons (reduce my wait by one day, go “wild” for a day) are fine as is.

I then did one of those suicidal things I am famous for; I said that if Mrs. Lion extended my time she make it at least a week. I had been thinking about the whole idea of extending a wait as a form of discipline. I realized that if she added a day, which was her original idea, it wouldn’t have a deterrent effect on me. Another day isn’t that hard to handle. A week or more added on is a very different thing. A week is a very long time when you are desperate for release. I will be very careful to avoid a sentence like that. Mrs. Lion commented that a week seemed too severe. I suggested that perhaps a warning for the naughty behavior might come before actually tacking on a week. Also, she can decide how important my infraction might be. She could also use a combination of penalties if she wants: spanking and an extended wait. Mrs. Lion will have to try different strategies to see which work best for her. But to me, a short addition to my wait time will not make the kind of impression I think it should.

As Mrs. Lion’s comfort level grows, she seems ready to explore new things. She knows I have always wanted discipline to be part of my experience. However, trying to introduce anything more than a few swats into something that was already very difficult for her, was asking too much. Apparently she has begun thinking about more active discipline as part of our routine. She is also considering longer waits. I could find myself with a full month soon. Poor lion. As Mrs. Lion is fond of saying, “You want this, don’t you?”

Yes I do.