Lucky Lion

It should come as no big surprise that Lion and I remember things a little differently. We have a habit of writing posts about the same thing from vastly different points of view. It’s not that either one of us is right and the other wrong. However, sometimes I do wonder if Lion isn’t thinking about someone else.

I don’t remember Lion needing to ask me to ride him in the early days. I also don’t remember his giving me oral orgasms after Lion riding. If anything, I think he licked me before I rode him. Afterwards I would have been done. No oral stimulation needed. As for last night, I didn’t have plans for Lion. I knew I needed to do something since I said I would be paying some sort of attention to him every night rather than every other night. I was thinking about spanking because we were talking about leaving marks. He kept saying he was horny. Boy was he horny. Just ask him. He was horny.

Earlier in the day I had tweaked my back moving some boxes. Then we went out to dinner. Afterwards my back was still twinging. I decided spanking probably wasn’t going to happen. Moving at all was questionable. But after the football game I decided to unlock him and go from there.

Somehow I always think I’m not going to actually edge Lion. It’s my intention to unlock him, take him for a spin around the block so to speak, and lock him back up. And then I wind up edging him anyway. It’s unusual for me to get wet while playing with him. I know that’s the way it’s supposed to work and the way it works for most people, but it usually doesn’t for me. So I figured since I was wet, and he was horny (he’d mentioned that a few times) I would ride him. And I knew that he’d never be able to keep himself from having an orgasm so I didn’t even tell him to. I didn’t make it easy for him though. I went very slow at first and then I even stopped. I’m surprised he didn’t keep bucking when I stopped. He just let out a small moan. Maybe he thought I was done and wasn’t actually going to let him come. Would I do that to him? Well, yes, but not last night.

It was actually an afterthought to have him clean me up. I remembered I told him a long time ago that if he came in my mouth it was mine but if he came inside me or on my hand he had to eat it. I haven’t been doing that. I’ve been greedy. Last night it just seemed like a good idea to have him clean me. And, of course, he gave me some wonderful orgasms too. It was definitely a win-win situation.

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    For the record, I am not thinking of another partner. Mrs. Lion and I do recall some things differently. I may be mistaken. I do know that we had a good time and lots of very intense orgasms.

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