Keyholder 101: Make Your Male Orgasm-Proof

Wednesday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me and did some very intense teasing. She brought me to the edge and then paused just long enough for me to come down a bit — maybe ten or fifteen seconds — and then resumed masturbating me to the edge again. She repeated this quite a few times. She didn’t push hard enough to risk a ruined orgasm, but made sure I was ready to come each time. It was very exciting. All week since my last orgasm I was feeling mellow and had no real urgency about coming again. Last night changed all that. Now I really want release. Of course I won’t get it until Saturday; well maybe Friday since that is our anniversary.

The technique Mrs. Lion used is very interesting. I have had some experience with it in the past. I know others who have also experienced it. Bringing a male to the edge of orgasm over and over with very short pauses between stimulation can, if done enough times, make it impossible for the male to orgasm. When it happened to me, at one point I just knew that no matter how much more stimulation I got, I would never come.

This is very useful to the top/keyholder. At that point the male is extremely aroused and hard and can safely be used for intercourse or any other sexual activity without the risk of unauthorized orgasm. As long as the stimulation continues, this condition will persist. In my college days when I tried pot, I discovered that smoking pot allowed me to get super aroused, but I was unable to orgasm. That is the main reason my pot experimentation ended quickly.

When you are done playing, a few hours of rest will restore his ability to orgasm. I’m sure the first question a keyholder will ask about this interesting phenomenon is how to know when the male has lost his ability to orgasm? The easiest way is to observe the male. While you are stimulating him he will start to look frustrated and you will not see the usual signs he is almost ready to come. Like edging, some practice and good observation skills will let you learn when he has been defused.

This is almost the ideal form of chastity sex play. The male is very aroused and no matter how much stimulation he gets, he can’t orgasm. The first time this was done to me, the top got me to this point and then told me that I could jerk off and come. I worked and worked at it until my cock was getting sore. I just couldn’t orgasm. If you do this with your male, once he experiences this, he will start reacting when he senses he is near the point where he can’t come. It’s massively frustrating.

I never suspected that my body would react this way. It’s like a circuit breaker in the brain is tripped. I always expected I would lose my erection and interest in sex if I lost my ability to orgasm, but that isn’t how it works. It didn’t hurt or feel bad, just wouldn’t build to ejaculation.

Like many advanced forms of play, this kind of edging takes time. It requires repeating edging until the circuit breaker trips. This can take a half hour or more. Persistence will pay off. It also may fail the first few times. It is likely that some ruined orgasms can result from over stimulation. Like any technique it requires a lot of practice.

Since this only happened to me once or twice, I have no idea if it is possible to train a male so that it becomes easier to get him into this orgasm-proof state. I wonder if this form of play is something that appeals to keyholders. I read an account by one who truly enjoyed her male in that state. I think that caged males will like this play. It is almost the ultimate form of chastity play. Let us know what you think and what you learn when you try it.


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    My wife/key holder makes me insert a common soft ear plug. This makes it not only impossible for me to come, but leakage can’t happen either. It’s very frustrating because she made me come with it in once and it just backs up and is not very pleasurable. I don’t want her to make me come like that so I’ve learned better control.

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      I don’t think I would recommend this. The urethra is easily infected and only very clean / sterile objects should be inserted.

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