Keyholder 101: Creative Edging

male orgasm
Nothing is more frustrating than being taken to the very edge of an orgasm and left hanging.

Before I get to edging, I have to say that today is the day! I get to orgasm today after a 12 day wait. Mrs. Lion is going to ride me and I will see fireworks. More on our celebration tomorrow. Also of note, my renovated (shortened) cage is back. I will be reporting on that too. You can see me posing in it on the right. Click the image for a larger, color view.  On to today’s subject.

Edging is the act of masturbating a man until just before he ejaculates. Technically, you don’t have to get so close that one more stroke would make him come. You just need to get him into that three second zone that begins the male orgasm. You will learn to identify when he is at that point. Now, once he hits that point remove your hand. Give him a few seconds to come down. As soon as his breathing stabilizes, begin again. It won’t take long to get him almost coming. This is commonly called tease and deny. It is a very good way to assure your caged male can’t forget what he is missing. Regular (two or three times a week) edging will turn any male into putty. If you don’t stimulate him during his wait, he will begin losing interest in sex. The point of keeping him locked up and waiting is to harness the sexual energy all that frustration creates. You can convert his energy into pleasing you in any way you want. A male desperate to come will do nearly anything for release. His cage assures he can’t do it himself. He has to convince you to provide his release. If you like oral sex, he will be happy to lick you every day. He will rub your feet, lick your ass, do anything at all if it improves the odds he can release.

There is another, less known use of edging. Most men don’t even know this: repeated edging will make it impossible for him to orgasm (for a while). If you follow the instructions above over and over, eventually he will lose his erection and will not be able to get it back for quite a while. To allow him to remain hard, but impossible to orgasm, first edge him to the point he loses his erection entirely. Count how many times you edged him. Subtract two or three times and  you have how many times to repeat in order to prevent orgasm.

Why would you want to do this? Are you kidding? If you remove his ability to come but yet have him hard, you now have a human dildo that can please you without pleasing himself. One key area of male training is orgasm control. As a matter of fact, many men can still orgasm after the teasing, but their ability will be reduced. This is a perfect training ground. Tell him that you want him inside you and he may not come. If he comes, tell him he will be locked up without satisfaction for a long time  (you decide how long). Also, if he does have an “accident”, be sure to spank him severely immediately after he cleans you up. So, you are using two kinds of conditioning: you are helping him by reducing his ability to orgasm, and you are punishing him if he accidentally comes. This combination will eventually let him control his ejaculations without the edging. If, for some reason, he is a premature ejaculator and you can’t stop his accidents with spanking and long lock up, get some anesthetic ointment. Apply it just under the head of his penis about 15 minutes before you want him to please you. It may take some experimentation. Too much and he can’t get or stay hard; too little and he will have an accident. Have him apply it himself. Make it his responsibility to control his orgasms. Punish him if he fails, either by having an accident or not getting hard. This may seem cruel, but it isn’t. It’s exactly what the male chastity fantasy is all about: your control. Up until now I haven’t experienced the anesthetic, but I think that Mrs. Lion will add it to her arsenal when she wants to ride me between my orgasm dates.

If your male hasn’t experienced being edged until he can’t orgasm no matter what he does, you should consider giving him the experience. It was eye opening for me. I hadn’t really considered that I could get too much pleasure. More significantly, it dawned on me that even without the cage, Mrs. Lion can prevent me from coming. I don’t think she realized it either. It turns out that tease and deny is an extremely powerful tool for male control. Try it, you’ll like it.