I made Lion's weenie very happy last night.
I made Lion’s weenie very happy last night.

Lion was certainly a horny boy last night. I hadn’t really played with him in a few days. The closest he had gotten to play was the butt plug on Monday night. I started off playing with his balls. A few love taps. Then I just massaged them and told him that they probably want to run and hide since they are always front and center.

While I was fondling his balls, good ol’ Mr. Weenie decided to spring into action. He didn’t want to be left out. Not to worry, Mr. Weenie. I stroked him for a while before I decided to edge him. Then I gave him very little time to recover before I edged him again. Poor boy. He was so hard and so ready for his orgasm. It occurred to me that I didn’t have my usual sense of urgency to give him one. I almost told him he could wait another day. I’m sure he would have been disappointed, but he would have agreed to wait. Except I told him that he would be having an orgasm last night. At any rate, I moved into position for a blow job and again noticed how hard he was. Mr. Weenie was flying at full mast and trying to get bigger. I teased him for a bit before he gave me my appetizer of precum and then I finished him off. Yum!

I did not pick another card. This time we’re playing it by ear. I will give my pet the attention he needs but I will not give him an orgasm until the mood strikes me. As you know, that may not be long at all, but last night wasn’t one of those times that I absolutely felt the need to do it. But then again, I haven’t really been playing with him lately. I think the more I tease and deny him, the more I want to make him come. I get caught up in it.

In a recent post Lion spoke about caged males who feel sexually satisfied when their keyholders have an orgasm. Maybe, since I don’t care about my own orgasms, I am living vicariously through his. Would the “cure” for that be to keep Lion from having an orgasm of his own until my sex drive returns? I think we’ll explore other avenues first. Neither one of us seems too interested in making him wait for an extended period of time.

For now, I will string poor Lion along, wondering when (oh, when) his next release will be. I’ll let him practice his best “poor me” faces and wait for the grumbling to start. And we’ll work on getting him ready for that bigger Njoy butt plug. He may even have a teenie Lion weenie dildo in his future. You never know what I’ll pull out of my bag of tricks!

lion penis in cage
The shortened cage keeps the head of my penis pressed against the front of the cage. My urethra stays nicely centered so peeing standing up is easy.

(Tuesday, July 15,  2014) I just learned after reading Mrs. Lion’s post for today, that I will get an orgasm tonight. How nice! In case you wondered, I frequently find out what is in store for me at the same time you do. In this case it was a combination of good news / bad news. I am delighted that I will be able to come tonight. What fun! The bad news, well not really bad since I like this stuff, is that she will be plugging me at times I will be walking around. That will be interesting I think.

I am surprised that just reading her post can completely change my mood. Up until I read it, I was feeling mellow and not particularly horny. Now I can hardly wait to feel her touch. This morning I was thinking how odd it was that I am four days in and not feeling frisky. Part of it could be that we haven’t really done any teasing since my last orgasm, more of it I suspect, is that I have been tired since this past weekend. So, when I started feeling that old “I need to get off” feeling after reading her post, I realized that I was sort of dormant. I had been wondering if my lack of desire could have been due to more than just being tired. Nope. It was just being tired. I’m not tired today and my afternoon reading has definitely gotten me ready for the rodeo.

Last night Mrs. Lion made good on her most recent goal for me. I spent about two hours with the large (not giant 2.0), NJoy plug inside me. Getting it in was painful at first. I suspect it was due to lube not getting where it needed to be. The second attempt was smooth. This plug weighs about one pound. I didn’t really notice the weight, but I am very sure that the three pound 2.0 will be very apparent. I’m not sure that these plugs will provide the stretching needed to accept Mrs. Lion’s hand. Once in, the plug has a very narrow neck so my anus is allowed to return to nearly normal size. We may need to work with dildo’s which will keep me open and stretched. Anal training tends to be intense and, for me at least, not erotic while it is going on. However, sitting here and writing about it, I can feel a little chubby in my cage.

Speaking of cages, I have had this new, shortened one on for three days now without coming off. I miss the opportunity to get hard, but I am not suffering any irritation or discomfort. Even better, my urethra stays centered in the square opening in the cage, so peeing standing up requires no special adjustments. Since

Lion penis in new, shorter catge
The shortened cage doesn’t clear my balls. This is good for making it invisible under clothes, but I need to make sure my balls are out of the way when I pee.

the cage is so short, the head of my penis doesn’t clear my balls, so I need to make sure they are out of the way before I pee. The cage looks impossibly small. I found it hard to believe I would be comfortable in it. It feels fine. I suspect that most cages are ordered too long with the mistaken idea that a short cage will hurt or won’t accept the entire penis. As it turns out, the flaccid penis is very flexible and on its own it will change length over the course of a day. By assuring the cage is a little shorter (1/4 to 1/2 inch) than the penis at its normal shortest, the cage will always stay in contact with the entire penis, including the head.

This is important for a couple of reasons: The tighter fit will prevent the base ring from rotating and will assure that the urethra stays centered, and any attempt to get hard won’t even get a chance to apply much pressure on the cage. I don’t really feel the cage at all during the day or when I sleep. I also don’t feel it if I try to get hard in my sleep. Many men are awakened by nocturnal erections due to changes in sensation inside the cage. I’m not because the cage is always hugging me.

skink forced over penis
You can see that my skin is forced up to the head (circled area). This and the cage pressing my penis against my scrotum shields my sensitive spot under the head from stimulation.

I mentioned that I haven’t been out of the cage since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion has teased me a little through the cage. While she was teasing me I didn’t get chubby, but a few minutes after she stopped I did. I can’t explain this. I don’t think it is a result of the new length, but I think that the shorter cage “hides” my most sensitive spot under the head so that it isn’t accessible through the cage. I think skin is pushed up over it. I’ve also noticed that when I wash in the shower I no longer get stimulated by the shower massage. With the longer cage I would almost always get a chubby from the pulsing water. Now I don’t react at all. As a circumcised male, that sensitive area is generally exposed, but the shorter cage creates a synthetic foreskin by pushing loose skin up nearer the head. This does a very good job of preventing unauthorized stimulation.

My motive for ordering the shorter cage was to keep my urethra centered so I could pee standing up. I did worry that it might be too short. When I did a very careful measurement, being sure not to press the ruler into my scrotum at all, my flaccid penis did, in fact, measure only 1 1/2″ at its shortest. I ordered my Jail Bird cage shortened to 1 1/4″. That is really short. When it arrived, I was sure I made a mistake. Was it my male ego? Perhaps. But now that I have had a chance to live in this device for over a week, I am convinced that shorter is better.

The past few days have been sort of laid back for us. We did some work in the yard over the weekend and it was just so hot I think it wiped us out. For me it was the humidity more than anything. Neither one of us seemed to be much in the mood to play, although I did shove the smaller Njoy plug up Lion’s butt last night. Generally when he has it in him he’s laying down. I’m considering putting it in when he’ll be walking around to see if it’s more difficult for him.

Last night I worked a little late and we thought Lion would be home first, so I asked if he would make dinner. He agreed. It turns out we were both stuck in horrible traffic so I made it home first. I wound up making dinner, but he brought home dessert and breakfast for this morning. And he brought me flowers. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was trying to butter me up so I will give him time off for good behavior. Well…it worked. His six days would have been up on Thursday, but I missed playing with him one night so I reduced it to Wednesday. Now that he brought me flowers, his sentence will be over tonight. I know he can make it longer and I’m actually not in any hurry to give him an orgasm this time, but fair is fair. He earned his time off.

In light of his disclosure that he doesn’t really care if he has a specific date for his next orgasm I’m not sure if I will be picking another number tonight. Maybe we’ll just play this one by ear. One thought I had was maybe using only the cards numbered one through four to determine how many times I would edge him on a particular night. Just a different twist on things. I haven’t decided if I’ll do that or not. Maybe I could set mini goals for him along the same lines as his goal for the bigger Njoy plug. If he reaches the goal in the specified time period he earns an orgasm. At one point we used a timer. I’d start stroking him and if he didn’t come when time ran out I stopped and we waited a bit before the next time period. So many ways to torture him!

njoy 2.0
The NJoy 2.0 is the largest NJoy butt plug. It measures 2 inches in diameter and weighs 3 lbs. Mrs. Lion has set accepting and holding this as a goal. When i do it, I get an orgasm as a reward.

Mrs. Lion is full of surprises. Over the last few months she mentioned anal training a few times and, in fact, had me hold the NJoy large plug for up to three hours. However, we only did this twice. Yesterday, she announced here that my next goal will be to accept the NJoy giant plug. It really is very big. The current plug, large is about 1 1/2″ in diameter at the widest point. The giant one is the NJoy Pure Plug 2.0. It’s a full 2″ in diameter and weighs three pounds. It’s a lot to take! She also wrote that when I finally accept it, I will get an orgasm as a reward. How nice!

Apparently, this is only the first act. Her goal is to fist me — insert her entire hand past her wrist in my ass. She’s tried this before. It gets too painful for me to continue at about four fingers to the second knuckle. She’s measured her hand and believes it is just under three inches across. So, it will be a full inch wider than the giant NJoy.

There may be some issues of technique as well. To her credit, Mrs. Lion likes to go in “bareback,” just her naked hand going up there. From my reading and attending workshops, I think it might be easier if she wore a glove. It offers a smoother, easier-to-lubricate surface and protects from bacterial transmission from her hand to my body. I think once she has gotten me used to her hand, she can probably take off the gloves, so to speak.

Anal play is a very interesting part of my chastity experience. For one thing, it is easy to do without taking off my cage. It is a unique combination of discomfort and erotic. Most of all, it is an unmistakable message about who is in control. Plugs are a very good way to train me to accept objects anally. They require little effort on Mrs. Lion’s part and will, over time, teach me to accept large dildos and her hand. Perhaps she will also consider pegging. I remember that in a previous post she discussed using the mini-mold of my penis and larger dildos in our collection in me. Time will tell.

My experience with anal dildos has taught me that I can generally accept one if introduced with lots of lube and inserted slowly. It is more difficult to handle the dildo being moved in and out, and most difficult when Mrs. Lion removes it entirely, allowing my asshole to close, and then quickly pushing it back in. I think that if she consistently does this with me, it will get easier for me to handle.

If you’ve never considered anal play with a man, you may wonder why he would want this. Some men can actually have an anal orgasm. There are a  lot of sensitive nerve endings back there. Many women learn to come this way. For me, it’s uncomfortable and up to now, not erotic while I am penetrated. But, like spanking, it’s a giant turn on to know that Mrs. Lion will do this to me even if I don’t like it at the time.

The bottom line in forced male chastity is control. For me, anal penetration is an uncomfortable and powerful control message. It is very exciting to think that I will present my ass for Mrs. Lion’s penetration. I guess that for me anal play is one more power exchange that I love to hate.