One of the least discussed aspects of enforced chastity is enjoyment, particularly for the keyholder. I know that the enforced chastity mythology claims that the keyholder gets endless pleasure from the service of her caged male. On the surface, that seems valid. But if you think about it, the keyholder could get exactly the same services and pleasure from her partner without the trouble of locking up his penis. According to the myth, males are reluctant to give orgasms to their partners unless they lose the use of their cocks. Really?

Even if that were true for some men, who would want to take the time and energy to cage them in order to force them to do what they should have been doing all along. The myth is about selfish males who are “taught” to be giving by taking away their orgasms. I will do anything for Mrs. Lion. I always felt that way. It has nothing to do with my penis.

The question of where the keyholder gets pleasure from enforced chastity is valid. It isn’t from her orgasms or his help in other things. She gets that anyway. It has to come from a new direction. Some women genuinely enjoy the role play. They have fun training their caged males. I suspect most women don’t find that aspect especially rewarding. It may be fun, but not a giant motivator.

I’ve long wondered why Mrs. Lion has been so diligent with our enforced chastity and FLM. She isn’t in it for the sex. She knows that it means a lot to me and making me happy certainly is a key motivator. Over time, I think there are other opportunities for her to get satisfaction.

Thursday night we played. It was an extremely intense edging session. I was sure several times that she was going to let me come. She even speeded up when I got close. But she stopped just before the happy ending. She was incredibly close over and over. There were no ruined orgasms and no satisfaction for me. It was perfect edging that left me a puddle of frustration.

Later in the evening and Friday morning she seemed very pleased with what she did. She should be. That pleasure suggests a way she might find more satisfaction and at the same time make me happier too. We know that I have a cycle of frustration that is well understood. What if using her considerable skill, Mrs. Lion could change the cycle and extend my increasing sexual frustration longer?

We know that yesterday was my fifth day and the day I am most frustrated. I wonder if the sixth day letdown and then the gradual loss of interest can be reversed by Mrs. Lion’s skilled hands. Over time I wonder if she can keep me at a high level of need for as long as she wants. This is the sort of challenge she may enjoy. I realize that if she is successful and I am still very horny next Thursday when my next orgasm is scheduled, that she might extend my wait to continue keeping me frustrated. I don’t mind if she wants to do that. It’s a valuable experiment.

I realize that this method of delivering satisfaction to her can result in my waits being extended. I don’t mind. I know I hate the frustration, but I like the way it meets what I asked her to do for me. I think it is very important for me to help my lioness find ways to get pleasure and satisfaction out of my enforced chastity. Are there ways I haven’t considered?