As you’ve read, my poor Lion didn’t have a very good birthday. Maybe life is trying to tell us he should not be subjected to a long wait time. Each time I’ve made him wait longer than nine days, he’s been sick on the scheduled date.

Last night he said I’d have to change the date on our Lion orgasm calendar. I was surprised that he thought he’d have a new wait time assigned when we weren’t through with this wait time yet. I’m even more surprised that he thought he wouldn’t have an orgasm because he was sick. Why wouldn’t the date just move to the next time he felt well enough to play? I would even go so far as to say that we can wait until he is well enough to enjoy the full play time he was promised. In other words, he may feel better today, but will he really feel well enough to be pegged, tied up, spanked, and given an orgasm? What if the pegging and spanking are too much? Suppose he says he could manage an orgasm, but not the rest? Does he lose out on his awesome birthday present? I don’t think so. I’m not going to punish him because he was sick. Given how he looked yesterday, he was punished enough. I don’t want him to feel rushed into things.

If Lion feels up to an orgasm tonight he can have it. If he wants to wait for the rest for another night, we can do that. Of course he’ll get an orgasm then, too. When I decide that he has had his full birthday orgasmic experience, I will choose his next wait time.

love coupons
Mrs. Lion gave me love coupons for my birthday. They give me lots of fun choices. I now have 15 coupons for various fun things.

Yesterday was my scheduled release day. Part of the fun was also to be a long play session in honor of my birthday. Fate stepped in and extended my wait. Yesterday morning I came down with a stomach virus. No release, no play, just a painful stomach. Mrs. Lion kindly offered me a rain check. So, when I feel better I will get to play and orgasm. A sore stomach was a big buzz kill for me. This is turning into a habit. In August on my release day I got food poisoning after eating at a casino restaurant. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Lion gives me orgasm rain checks. She doesn’t have to. After all, I was sick, not her. Some keyholders just make their caged males wait until the next scheduled date rather than giving their caged males release once they feel better.

So, my next scheduled release date was yesterday. Once I get my orgasm, Mrs. Lion will set the next date. Last night, she said that she had planned to let me run wild yesterday. I told her that I was glad she didn’t. I like wearing my cage. I prefer it stay on except for times when Mrs. Lion wants my penis uncaged. I may not always feel this way, but it just seems right to me that I stay caged at all times. I think I should only be out of my cage when Mrs. Lion wants my penis to get hard or there is a medical or other emergency.

I started thinking about  why I want it this way. I think it is because I don’t want to get hard except under the control and supervision of Mrs. Lion. It’s my bondage kink at work. I prefer “I can’t” to “I want.” In terms of our power exchange, things are progressing. Mrs. Lion is learning to ignore my growls and whines. She also seems more willing to make me wait longer.It isn’t the wait that I like; it’s the message that there is nothing I can do to make things happen my way.

That’s not entirely accurate. I do have my love coupons. Mrs. Lion gave me a bunch for my birthday. What ta thoughtful gift! I can redeem them for a day off my wait time, play session with an orgasm, and other thoughtful opportunities. I will have to choose when t redeem them carefully. If I use a “free orgasm” coupon, my wait time starts all over again. Mrs. Lion is very good at picking rewards.

I feel better this morning. Maybe tonight I can have some fun. I keep learning new things about myself. I like being caged more than I originally thought. I like being caged unless Mrs. Lion wants use of my penis. There are times it is inconvenient and even uncomfortable, but I love that it is out of my control.

Icy hot to rub into balls
Lion should learn to leave well enough alone. If he unlocks himself without a documented emergency, he gets swats, an extra week of waiting, and big dollop of this rubbed into his tender balls.

Lion wants consequences for escaping or unlocking himself when there is no emergency. I decided if he has a true emergency, he should be able to prove it. I don’t think it’s asking too much for emergency room discharge notes or something like that. In absence of proof I told him he would have his wait time extended by a week. Lion suggested a week was too short for such a serious offense. Excuse me? Are you questioning my decision? I mean, what does he want from me?

I responded by saying that it would not be a week. It would be 20 hard swats with the rough side of the mean paddle and Icy Hot on his balls. I thought that would shut him up. Nope. He asked if that was in addition to the week.

In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers: You got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away. And know when to run. Well, Lion didn’t listen to Kenny. He went all in. Now he gets 20 hard swats with the rough side of the mean paddle, Icy Hot on his balls (a big old dollop, rubbed all over), and a week added to his wait time. Poor boy. But the good news is that he can avoid it if he just stays caged like a good boy unless he has an emergency he can prove.

Something tells me he’ll try to test this punishment. Listen to Kenny, Lion. Listen to Kenny.

[Lion — As Ralph Kramden used to say, “I have a BIIIIIIG mouth!]

emergency seal
The lid was almost completely off and the seal was unbroken. I was able to tighten it without it showing..

(Wednesday, October 8, 2014) Mrs. Lion jump started my libido last night. Even though it wasn’t our scheduled tease and deny night, she uncaged me and edged me a few times. At first I was doubtful it would do much good. To my surprise I got hard almost immediately and was enthusiastically rooting for the orgasm that never came. This morning my interest in sex is back to a reasonably normal level. In fact, after waking up and watching the news on TV, I found that I was trying to get hard. There was nothing sexy on the news, so it must be an aftershock from last night. It’s good to be back. Tomorrow is my scheduled fun and orgasm day. I am looking forward to it now!

Yesterday I discovered that the cap to my emergency key container had unscrewed itself. It probably is the result of being in my pocket all the time. To my surprise, the seal was a bit wrinkled but still intact with the number readable. Apparently my body heat melted the glue enough to soften it and allow the cap to loosen. Clearly, we need to rethink our emergency key strategy.

This potential for a breach got me thinking about the whole chastity security topic; more specifically as it applies to me. I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. She kindly agreed. As far as I can tell, she has no serious need to keep me in a chastity device. She’s never indicated that it would matter much if I were locked up or not. So, in her terms, since I asked to be locked up I should be trusted to have the key if I need it.

I can’t argue with that logic, but somehow it feels wrong to me. I want her to lock me up. But I don’t want to have the ability to change my mind. That’s why I have been a bit uncomfortable carrying around my emergency key. I recognize the reason it makes sense to have it, but it also is a very real way I can change my mind about enforced chastity at any time.

My Jail Bird is not absolutely secure. I am sure I could get my penis out and the device off  if I worked at it. Without the key, I think it would be nearly impossible to get it back on. So, without a key, Mrs. Lion would immediately know I had removed it. With a key, it would be trivial to take it off and then put it back on. No way to detect that.

Of course, all this is moot if Mrs. Lion doesn’t let me know in no uncertain terms what the consequence would be of such a breech. Since I know she is locking me up only because it makes me happy, I suspect there would be no serious consequence to not wearing it, even without her permission.

As I consider all this, I realize that there are actually two sorts of security at work. The first is the obvious locking up of my penis. So long as I can’t get out and back in again, any wish to be unlocked for some fooling around isn’t going to be realized. However, the stronger security is my certain knowledge of a consequence for breaching Mrs. Lion’s trust.

In a normal, adult relationship just knowing that such a breach would hurt my partner is certainly sufficient deterrent that will prevent me from taking an unauthorized chastity holiday. So, at least in my case, there is no danger I will sneak out of my cage. So what’s the problem? I think it comes down to the word “enforced”. Enforced implies more than moral or social restraint. It implies an external force makes me do, or in this case, not do something. The fun in it for me is that physical control has been taken from me.

It’s not that I won’t cheat, it’s that I can’t. That is where my turn on lives. When Mrs. Lion makes me wait and wait for release, she is testing that physical enforcement. She is demonstrating to me that no matter how badly I want release, it will only come when she allows it. That is the power exchange I want. I love that I can’t take that cage off. I love feeling her power and control. So when I discovered I could have gotten to my emergency key undetected, it bothered me. Mrs. Lion and I will have to work out a better solution.