Weekend Plans

Lion is on the mend. This morning he didn’t need a chauffeur to take him to his eye appointment. I was happily at work in one office while he was being seen in our other office. And tomorrow he has yet another appointment. I’m also happy to report that he’s horny again.

I wasn’t sure if he would feel up to playing. This infection has taken a lot out of him and he’s been worrying about his eyesight. Playing might have been the last thing on his mind, but I thought it was important that I at least unlock him and give him the opportunity to have some fun. I was able to edge him a few times. Maybe it took his mind off things for a little while.

This has been a busy week. Between the stinky laundry detergent fiasco and his eye, we’ve been putting out fires. Time for the weekend! I’m going to work a few hours tomorrow to make up for the time I was chauffeuring Lion yesterday. But then the day is mine. I want to make some plans to play with Lion. Some real plans. Not “I might do this” or “I might do that”. Whether I share those plans with Lion beforehand is another matter. He doesn’t necessarily need to know what I have in store for him. Perhaps I’ll say, “Meet me in the bedroom at 2 on Saturday afternoon for fun.” The point is, I need to know what I’m doing Saturday at 2, or whenever I decide to do it. We haven’t been putting very much emphasis on playing lately. Well, I haven’t. Lion is always ready for anything. I tend to let things just happen as they happen. And then we wind up not doing much. And then things get boring. And I want to fix that, at least for this weekend. Lion deserves it after the week he’s had.

So, here’s to a fun weekend for all!