Becoming Better

The clouds have returned after a brief, sunny respite. After a three day hiatus, play is back to normal as well. I’m still pretty tired from the issue with my eye. Things are improving, or at least not getting worse. Times like this remind me how lucky I am. I know that the love of my life will help me get through anything that befalls me.

One issue the confronts most of us who want to maintain a power exchange like enforced chastity is that over time the exchange becomes just one more part of life. Living with a chastity device locked on my penis is routine. It’s the way things are and will always be. Even though I get some time without it, even then I forget it’s not there. I can’t speak for her, but Mrs. Lion expects me to be locked in too. I think it’s passed the point of being something I want and is now part of us.

The same is true of our play sessions. It’s our sex life. I’ve learned that edging is the norm; orgasms come at intervals, but I no longer expect sexual stimulation to imply that I will ejaculate. That is very infrequent. The vast majority of my sexual pleasure is produced by Mrs. Lion’s hands. Sometimes she uses her mouth, much more infrequently she will ride me. I never masturbate, but my lioness masturbates me almost every night. Of course, I’m not masturbated to orgasm, but her hand gives me a very vigorous workout edging me over and over.

None of this was typical of us two years ago. In 2014 we rarely has any sexual activity. What we did have was an occasional hand job to orgasm. Neither of us was happy with it. In one sense things haven’t changed. Hand jobs are still most of my sexual experience. But boy are they different! They are both better and worse: Better in that they are beautifully executed and work me into a lather. Worse because they almost never result in orgasm.

We are both having more fun. Granted, it isn’t the same kind of fun for each of us. I’m both loving the sexual stimulation and hating the frustration. Mrs. Lion is enjoying arousing me and eventually making me ejaculate. We are both loving the increased communication and affection. We are not just communicating about sex and power exchange. The power exchange dynamic has facilitated more openness and willingness to change. Mrs. Lion is beginning to let me know what she wants and doesn’t want. We haven’t quite gotten to the point that she will punish me for doing something she doesn’t like, but we are moving in that direction.

We’ve made a lot of progress. I think our next step will be reward and punishment. That is a very difficult step for both of us. Enforced chastity was relatively simple to implement. For Mrs. Lion it was doing something that would make me happy. Only after considerable time passed did we realize it was much more than something to please me. I think that reward and punishment will be even better for us both. No matter how much I talk about wanting to surrender, I know that I like having my own way and taking charge. It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to let me. But we both know it would be better for us if she would expect her wants and needs to be met and to take whatever action is necessary to assure I fulfill them. We’ve been working on this around the edges. I’m not sure what it will take for us both to plunge in. But have no fear, we will. What we have done so far have been very good for me. I’m being trained to be a much easier lion to live with.