You’ve been a naughty boy. Now, you’re going to get a spanking.

One of the biggest problems I face as a blogger is that my posts not only inform you of what’s happening, but they serve as a reminder to Mrs. Lion of what I notice she is missing. In this case, a punishment spanking (“Getting Back On Track…Again“). She read my post and realized she didn’t spank me on Monday. I was relieved that she had forgotten.

In her post, she mentioned that I was due to be punished for interrupting her. I’m sure I did, but I can’t remember when. Perhaps she’ll remind me at punishment time. I like the idea that she would tell me why I’m being spanked when she has me strapped down, but like the spanking itself, I don’t like her reminder of my sins.

That probably means it’s a good thing for her to do. Everything I’ve read about disciplinary spanking always includes verbal reinforcement of the punishment. Hear it and feel it is better than just feeling it. Maybe the reason I dislike the idea of this conversation is that it underlines the fact that I am being spanked as a punishment, not because I want/need spankings. It’s also humiliating to be reminded so graphically of my mistakes.

The established punishment ritual of lecture followed by spanking must be nearly universal for good reason. I’m starting to understand why. I suspect that Mrs. Lion is uncomfortable with the verbal phase of the punishment. She seems to want to get right to the beating without any preliminaries. I think the verbal part may be as much for her as it is for me.

When she articulates why she is spanking me, she is reinforcing her role and the legitimacy of her actions. It provides context for both of us. It also might help motivate her to make her point more forcefully. We both know that “Just Because” spankings are almost never as forceful as punishments. Now that I’m getting punishment day spankings, whether or not I’ve earned them, I think it is particularly important to let me know that I’ve actually done something this time.

Neither of us wants to complicate the process. We both like just to get things done. Even so, we’ve struggled a bit with differentiating between earned and unearned spankings. This may be the way. It’s something disciplinary spankers all advocate. It will be uncomfortable for us, but it probably makes sense.