We have been a little under the weather for the past few days. I’ve been snoozing in the afternoon and evening. Mrs. Lion has also been less than bouncy. She is still working on unpacking. We probably have at least 80 cartons still awaiting her attention. I’ve also been revising my book. I decided to take another shot at getting an agent. Being a novelist has to be one of the most frustrating jobs in the world. Why the hell did I think I could write a book and get it published? Ego and stupidity!

It’s been a while since my last spanking. Mrs. Lion is having enough trouble working and dealing with thehouse without worrying about bruising my bottom. However, on one of her expeditions into the boxes she is unpacking, she unearthed the leather paddle I made many years ago. This particular paddle isn’t very pretty, but has the potential to bruise my bottom. I made it out of three layers of full-thickness cowhide. It is what I hoped the paddle from 6-Whips would be/ I have a feeling that when Mrs. Lion feels better, she will be using her discovery on me.

Earlier in the week we did an Edex injection and Mrs. Lion used her mouth to get me off. I just couldn’t get over the top. We were going to try again on Monday night, but neither of us were up to it. I’m hoping our energy is coming back enough for us to go for the gold tonight or tomorrow.

I still owe a review of the Mature Metal waist chain and micro chastity device. I’ve been experimenting with both. They represent a departure from my usual approach to male chastity. The base ring with waist chain solves two problems that some men have: It prevents pull-out regardless of how small the cage is and provides a strong sense of control by the man wearing it.  More when testing is complete.

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