clothespins on balls

We are having a quiet weekend. Mrs. Lion didn’t feel very well on Friday and Saturday. We slept late, and she took it easy. I slept until 11 on Sunday morning. That’s very unusual for me. Mrs. Lion felt better on Sunday and caught up on unpacking and laundry. She is also excavating in our still-packed boxes for our stew pot. We have the makings for beef stew. i’m hoping to make some. It’s cool and damp out; perfect weather for beef stew. We have a great recipe for it.

If Mrs. Lion and I have the energy, there may be some BDSM fun later. She unearthed the toy bag that she used in our trailer. She said, “There ought to be some clothespins in there.”

Uh oh. Sounds like an Edex injection and lots of pinching clothespins on my cock and balls. OK, we both like those clothespin sessions. I think Mrs. Lion’s record is 45 covering my tender bits.

The WordPress sex nazis closed down one of the blogs I recommend, Our Bottoms Burn. Fortunately, the blogger maintains a supplementary version of the blog on Blogger. The link on our site now points to the Blogger blog.  We wish him well and hope he can restore his blog on a provider who isn’t allergic to sexual images. The idiots at are on a crusade to shut down any explicit sexual content that they host. They aren’t mature enough to understand the difference between sex blogging and commercial porn. I wonder how many of our readers are sex nazis from WordPress. It’s OK, I won’t tell your bosses what you do at night.

In case you don’t know, our posts are also available as podcasts. The most recent 500 are carried by every major provider including Google, Apple, and Amazon Music. It’s helpful if you have limited vision like me. I’m considering putting an audio player here to help visually impaired friends. We also offer versions of the blog (logo on upper right of your page) to help people with limited vision. Computer translations of our blog are available in 18 languages (see flags on top navigation bar). We’re committeed to doing whatever we can to make our blog available to as many people as possible.

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