Getting Back On Track…Again

spanking paddle

As I’m sure you’ve read (“I Think My Domestic Discipline Is Rooted In My Need To Be Spanked, And I’m Far From Alone“), I didn’t spank Lion the other day. He’s wondering if he should remind me. On one hand, he already reminds me about punishment day. Should he have to remind me to spank him? On the other hand, if he doesn’t, spanking might go the way of the panties. Remember them? Yeah, we were doing fine until the landlord dropped his I-need-the-house-back bombshell on us. Then things shifted gears.

The short answer is that I don’t want him to have to remind me. I’ll try to remember tomorrow on punishment day. Let me get back into it now that the holidays are over and there won’t be any long weekends for a while. Work will calm down. Ha! Besides, with all of his interruptions, he’s due for a real spanking

For the past few days, I’ve been guarding my shoulder. It’s an old football injury. Softball, really. Long story. Anyway, both shoulders tend to hurt, but the right one has been pretty bad for a while. No, I’m not going to the doctor. They’d probably want an MRI and I’m not squishing myself into a tube only to be told I need surgery and how can I manage surgery anyway? As long as I don’t move it the wrong way, it will be fine.

Luckily, my left arm is free to whomp Lion. I don’t use my right arm much anyway. It just provides a different angle. I can prove my point nicely with my left. Ask him. He’ll tell you that he yelps freely no matter which arm I use. Making him wait until tomorrow will heighten the anticipation. He’ll be looking forward to it. Until I pull out the spanking bench. Then he’ll be sorry he ever asked to be spanked.