A La Carte

We are back where we started when I wrote about under-the-cover fondling not being very effective as a way to turn me on. I’m not being a brat. It just doesn’t work unless I am extremely horny. Maybe this is what Mrs. Lion is waiting for. If so, she is doing the right thing. Otherwise, she needs to check back on what we discussed months ago.

Let’s face it, as I age, my ability to get aroused becomes more difficult. When I was thirty, just a touch in the right place would get me going. Now, I need a lot more. I would suggest that an oral test is a better way to find out if I’m interested in sex. I wasn’t on Tuesday night. Maybe oral attention would have changed things. Maybe not.

We also discussed in-bed versus out-of-bed activities. I suggested a change in venue would be good for both of us. We bought a massage table for the express purpose of providing a new playground. It has only been used twice since July when we bought it. We are on our first disposable sheet. I thought we would use it for BDSM and other penis fun. So far, it’s provided a platform for two handjobs.

My point isn’t that Mrs. Lion is falling down on the job. It’s that inertia has set in again. It’s easier to scooch over under the covers than it is to move to a new room. A little one-handed fonding under the covers is much easier than dragging out the Box O’Fun.  Setting up the massage table takes planning and time. Doing this every day is too much. Maybe every other day is as well.

I don’t have an answer to this. It isn’t any different than no new rules being created in a long time. Mrs. Lion is waiting for me to take the lead. If I suggest a new rule, she will adopt it. If I ask for the massage table to be set up, she will do it. If I ask her to spank me…. Well, you get the idea.

We could go into that mode. I don’t want to. I’d rather do nothing. Maybe that’s where we are. Everything is a la carte, with me holding the menu. I suppose that when I get horny enough, I’ll order something.

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  1. So ask and don’t be shy. Let there be more variety in your relationship. Moreover, Mrs. Lion is not against the fulfillment of your requests.

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