Getting Out Of Bed For Play And Sex

It’s hot here. Yeah, so what? Well, we live in a normally-cool, wet place. Our summer daytime temperatures rarely go over 88o F. It’s expected to hit 100o today. We should stay pretty cool. Our AC will probably handle it well. We have three portable air conditioners with a combined capacity of 38,000 BTU. Our house is only 1,600 sq. ft. We’re lucky. Most people here don’t have any AC. While I’m nattering on about techy things, we’ve made a few background changes in our site. You probably won’t notice them. They could affect some reader apps. We had to block a program that isn’t used by many applications but is popular with hackers.

Security is important to us. We don’t provide information to Google. They collect a shocking amount of data on everyone who uses the web. We have an app that does allow Google to gather some data. That’s our translate feature. Google provides translations of our blog. I removed the feature a while ago and some of our readers asked that we bring it back. This ends the technical portion of our post.

Mrs. Lion is still not fully recovered. Her nose is bothering her, and she feels tired much of the time. She tested herself for COVID and remains negative. I wonder if allergies might be part of the problem. it’s weed season. She wasn’t allergic when we lived on the east coast. Very often, people get new allergies when they move to a different region. I hope she feels better soon.

As we both wrote, our new massage table worked pretty well as a sex surface. It’s a little too low for optimum access. We will adjust the height to see if Mrs. Lion is more comfortable with it higher. Our other massage table (we use for waxing) is raised about six inches. I think the new one needs the same adjustment.

I’m very happy with the new table. Our bed (a Sleep Number) is too squishy for most sexual stuff. It’s very hard to balance on it. We love it for sleeping, but it leaves something to be desired for sexual stuff. A long time ago, I had a water bed. Even with the “no-slosh” model, it was difficult for sex. The firm massage table is much better.

I can see a way to improve it further. Mrs. Lion may need an adjustable stool. Then she can sit comfortably at the right height to do things to me. She may try the table for spanking. It’s a lot higher than the spanking bench. It may be easier on her back when she paddles me. Also, since it is much higher, my legs will dangle without touching the floor. This will probably stretch my skin more and give her a clearer shot at my most sensitive areas. Her straps will probably work well with the massage table to hold me in position. If not, it’s easy to get longer ones.

We’ve discovered that convenience is a critical factor in sexual and disciplinary activities. That’s why the table we use for waxing wouldn’t work out. It’s in a remote area of the house, and Mrs. Lion frequently uses it as a table to temporarily store stuff. She has to work ten or fifteen minutes to clear it. That’s fine for waxing since we do it infrequently. It won’t work for activities that aren’t planned. The cost of another table is more than offset by the freedom it gives Mrs. Lion.

We still need to build new habits and move off the bed for play. I’m sure we will do it.