We Need To Get Out Of Bed


A few months ago, Mrs. Lion promised to pay sexual attention to me starting the day after she got me off. One thing or another got in the way, and that didn’t happen until Friday. That was just two days after I came. She spent a lot of time playing with my cock and balls. It felt great, and I responded. She didn’t make any serious effort to get me off. I didn’t expect that. I thought about it but knew she had no intention of going that far. Still, it felt wonderful, and I woke up horny on Saturday morning.

I ordered the massage table for the bedroom. It’s coming on Friday. I hope Mrs. Lion will want to use it. We don’t have a good track record with activities that require moving too much. We only used the restraints once. Even CBT is rare nowadays. Are we becoming vanilla? Perish the thought!

The massage table offers powerful benefits. It makes me easily accessible from any direction. We can set the height so Mrs. Lion won’t strain her back. Because it is a firm-yet-cushioned surface, it’s easy for me to be on my knees for an extended period. This makes anal play easier for her. It’s easy to attach me to the table for bondage play.

If she wants to use it instead of the spanking bench, I’m up higher, and my legs can dangle from the end of the table. This stretches my skin, offering a better target. My body straps will fit nicely around the new table. Having me higher will make it easier for her to use her paddles.

There’s a giant downside that I fear will consign the new table to a closet. It requires moving from the bed, bringing it out, and setting up. We don’t have a very good track record when it comes to leaving the bed. The only times we do are for spanking and waxing.

I think that taking play and sex of the bed is a positive change for us. We need to move more. Also, it’s exciting to move to a venue dedicated to activities, even if one of them is spanking. Since we don’t have intercourse, maybe changing venues is a way to signal that the action is getting serious. At least that’s how I think about it.

Foreplay can begin on the bed. Then, Mrs. Lion can move it to the massage table. We’ll be storing it about fifteen feet from where we will set it up. Either of us can fetch it and set it up. The table weighs just 35 pounds and sets up in a single, simple motion. If Mrs. Lion wants to signal her plans for me, she can set it up after dinner before returning to bed.

We have to get in the habit of using more venues. Mrs. Lion said we could use the waxing table. But we don’t. The reason is that the waxing table is also where she puts things. On waxing days, she spends time clearing it off. That feels like a lot of work after dinner. Buying the new table removes almost all reasons we don’t use the waxing table.

I don’t think the act of buying another massage table is enough on its own. We both need to agree that no matter what, we will use it. Maybe I need a rule that I get spanked if I try to beg off. That way, the table will be used one way or another.


  1. Hello, my wife and I are thinking of purchasing one too. Where did you find that one?
    Have fun.

    1. Author

      There’s a huge selection on Amazon.

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