A Divining Rod

I didn’t bring out the rope, but I did snuggle with Lion when he got out of the shower. He was cold and huddled under the blankets. I huddled with him. And then he fell asleep. And then I fell asleep. So much for playing early and tying up his balls.

After dinner, I snuggled in again. This time I managed to play with his balls, although I still didn’t have the rope with me. He got a little hard, but not as hard as I would have liked. I tried for a while. He didn’t seem inclined to pause the TV. I took that as an indication of non-horniness. (I make up words.) Lion will say I could have asked him if he was horny. He’ll say I could have paused the TV. Yes and yes. But I think using my weenie as a divining rod of horniness is a good indicator. My weenie can be hard before I even get to him, if he’s really in the mood. Sometimes it takes a little work to convince him. Sometimes when I ask Lion, he’ll say he doesn’t know if he’s horny or not. Once the weenie divining rod is in hand, I can tell fairly quickly.

Okay. Nothing happened last night. Tonight is another opportunity. Maybe I’ll get my act together and actually have the rope with me when I start. I’ll be able to spring into action if my weenie cooperates. I’ll get those balls tied up nice and tight. If he’s lucky, I might even give him some oral encouragement. That sounds nice. Bouncing balls and sucking on my weenie. Yes, please.

Lion has been working on a synopsis for his book. He says it hasn’t been going well. Maybe that’s why my weenie wasn’t in the mood. I know when he’s been working on the book, he tends to be less horny. The same may be true about working on a synopsis. It’s okay. I’ll get those balls tied sooner or later.