Simulating Two-Partner Sex
How to keep sex working for both of us

On Wednesday night Mrs. Lion set up the massage table. Earlier, I took a boner pill to make sure I was prepared for potential sexy fun. When the time came and I was invited to climb on the table, I felt nothing. I don’t understand why, but I wasn’t turned on at all. I’ve loved the two massage table adventures we had in the past. I don’t get it.

Maybe I have to get on the table regardless. It was seven days since my last orgasm on Wednesday. That’s plenty of time to get horny again. My mental focus has been on writing. That seems to divert me from sex. Can I be put back on the path? I hope so.

There is no physical reason why I can’t get it up for Mrs. Lion. She has been against requiring my performance. If I tell her I’m not interested, she is happy to leave me alone. Maybe that’s a mistake. Before I met Mrs. Lion, if my partner wanted sex, she didn’t take no for an answer. She got to work, changing my mind. Usually, she used her mouth.

Her motive was to get me horny enough to get her off. That’s the typical pattern for couples. If one partner wants sex, he or she will do their best to get the other interested. That’s how we are designed. When one partner isn’t interested in sex, the pattern is broken. That’s what’s happened to us. The question is how to change things up to keep me in the game.

Since Mrs. Lion is interested in keeping me sexually active (frustrated or satisfied), she’s been willing to give me action when I respond to her attempts at foreplay. What we haven’t considered is my role in all this. I’ve been a passive recipient of all this great sexual attention. Maybe I need to be a bit more involved.

simulating two-partner sex

We could simulate the pattern of a couple where both partners want sex, and the woman initiates. She assumes the male is always agreeable to her wanting sex. He is available and is a willing partner in her attempts to get him aroused. If she fails, he will get her off with his tongue or fingers. That’s how it always worked for me.

There are two elements to this. The first is that I need to actively help when Mrs. Lion wants to turn me on. Most of the time, that will work. If it doesn’t, we need a substitute for what I would do if Mrs. Lion wants me to get aroused and I don’t. If she wanted sex, I would get her off any way she chose. Since she doesn’t want that, we need a substitute activity for me.

Initially, I thought spanking might be the substitute activity when I can’t perform. Mrs. Lion objected, and I agreed. That leaves us with an incomplete replacement. I have one thought. Since in the traditional model, I would provide an orgasm with no reciprocation for me, maybe Mrs. Lion should do some anal activity as my replacement for giving her an orgasm. It’s sexual without any real chance of getting me off.

It makes sense to me. It also gets us back on track with anal activities. If I am required to be available for either stimulation or anal, failing to agree is a spankable offense. Mrs. Lion can decide to do anal with no attempt to get me aroused. There are times a woman wants sex without a penis.

The only catch to this plan is that it requires Mrs. Lion to manage it consistently. If she agrees, I hope she can.