Tabletop Fun


Our heatwave continues. It’s supposed to let up in a few days. Our AC is working well, and we are cool and comfortable. It’s going on three weeks since I’ve worn any clothing. I know. That’s the way it should be. Mrs. Lion wrote (“Baby, It’s Hot Outside”) that she was contemplating some activity with me. She thought I would want a spanking. As it turned out, we didn’t do anything. Her energy is still very low. As for wanting a spanking, I’m not sure I do. Of course, that means nothing. I get spanked when Mrs. Lion decides I need one. Based on what she wrote, that will be very soon. As of today, it’s been 41 days since my last spanking. That may be a record for us.

She made another comment that was a little surprising. She said that there’s no sex after a spanking. That’s our rule for punishments. I suppose that it also applies to “Just Because” spankings too. Of course, we never talked about sex before a spanking. Since the new massage table is proven good for sex, it will take no extra effort to tease me and then have me roll over for a spanking. As of today (Wednesday), it’s been just three days since my last orgasm.

If the massage table proves useful for spanking, Mrs. Lion may have a new possibility. If I don’t perform to her satisfaction when she teases me, she doesn’t have to do any work to spank me. I doubt she’ll like this idea. I can’t control my level of arousal at any given time. The new table is also good for bondage and CBT. It’s at a good height for accessing any part of my anatomy.

In the past, Mrs. Lion liked to peg me. The new table offers a couple of possibilities. She can have me on my knees on the table. She might also try having me in “spanking” position with my legs dangling off the end of the table. This might provide good access at a better height. The table offers excellent options for fun. Beds are generally too low and too soft. They are also very wide. Access is limited by the very features that make them good for sleep.

dealing with the mess

Pegging, handjobs, and other anal and CBT activities can be messy. Another advantage of a massage table is that you can get sheets to cover it. We have a few cotton sheets for the waxing table. When I bought the new play table, I found disposable sheets. I got 25 for about $40. They are made of a nonwoven fabric that is pretty thin but did a good job protecting the table for my lubed handjob. They also provide a sanitary surface if the table is to be shared.

Convenience and easy cleanup are important for play. No top wants a sore back from leaning down on a bed. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion will discover a lot of new possibilities now that she doesn’t have to deal with uncomfortable positions and difficult cleanup.