He Does Know Why

I read Lion’s posts before they go out the following morning. Tomorrow’s says he doesn’t know why I didn’t do anything sexual with him last night. He does know. He may have forgotten, but I explained it. I admit I don’t always let him know why things went sideways. I’m trying to get better about that.

I was supposed to unpack the massage table. However, when I was on the deck grilling hit dogs, I decided to put up our umbrella. Lion says it would be nice to sit out there sometimes. The umbrella hasn’t been up since we moved here. The sun beats down on the deck, and I thought it would be good to have some shade. I had to wrestle it out of the cover and put it in the center of the table. It didn’t really take long, but it was somewhat of an exertion. And when I put the umbrella up, the dog was afraid of it. We compromised and left it in the table but down. This afternoon, I opened it a little bit. Maybe later I’ll do a little more. Baby steps so she realizes it won’t kill her.

I mentioned the umbrella to Lion, both because it almost ate the dog and because I hadn’t unpacked the massage table. He said the massage table shouldn’t take too long to unpack. Okie dokie. Then he asked if I’d watered the farms. I hadn’t. He said that was more important than the massage table. Now, I could have snuggled over and played with my weenie while we watched TV. If memory serves, he was under the covers because he was cold with the air conditioner on. I was hot. We have that problem in the summer.

Anyway, that’s the story about why we didn’t do anything.

[Lion — I guess you don’t have to read my post for tomorrow. The problem with this explanation is that Mrs. Lion never asked me about the umbrella. If it is for my benefit, maybe it would help to check to see if I cared. I don’t. I like the sun. I did say that the farms were more important than the massage table. I don’t want our veggies to die. But the umbrella? If Mrs. Lion discussed this with me, we might have done different things. When it comes to snuggling, I can always come out from under the blankets. I can also shut off the AC for a little while. Hmm…maybe you should read my post tomorrow morning.]

[Mrs. Lion — Why is everything about him? Maybe I wanted the umbrella up for me.]