Our hot weather continues. It’s over 90o F again. This may sound like whining, but we live in the northmost corner of the US. We are close to the Pacific Ocean and are surrounded by mountains. Our climate is Mediterranean. Summer highs rarely top 85o. Most of the summer is much cooler. As a result, very few homes have air conditioning. For the last week, our daytime high has exceeded 100o. That’s excessive in New York. It’s insane in Seattle.

We have enough portable air conditioners to stay cool even on the hottest days so far. Our deep freeze suddenly got warm. Poor Mrs. Lion had to take a lot of food out of our freezer to access a fan inside. It was frozen and not moving. She fixed it, and our freezer works better. It still isn’t right. We have a service contract and a technician will arrive on Wednesday. The freezer is cold enough to maintain frozen food but way too warm for ice cream. I’m sure that we will lose some food as a result of this.

Mrs. Lion couldn’t wax me on Monday. It’s way too hot in our pantry (where we keep the waxing table and supplies) to work there. The forecast for today (Tuesday) is finally normal with a high of 80o. In her post yesterday, “Even the Freezer Was Hot,” Mrs. Lion commented on how much work it is owning a lion. I hate being so much trouble for her.

editorial comment

The recent Florida law banning teachers from discussing gay and trans-sexual subjects drew a huge response around the country. Disney, Florida’s largest employer, came out against it. In retaliation, Florida revoked the special status granted to Walt Disney World over fifty years ago. It’s incredibly unusual for a corporation to get this openly political.

Disney has also made new rules for its children’s programming content. At least half of all the characters have to be “different.” That means racially or sexually different from the classic white male and female characters. This includes trans-sexual and gay characters.

Part of me applauds this change. Racially diverse characters allow children of all races to identify with popular characters. It’s about time for this. I’m not in favor of adding trans-sexual and gay characters. It isn’t that I think it is wrong to be either of those. I think it’s too difficult for pre-sexual kids to understand the complexities of trans and gay people.

Yes, I know it is unpopular to stick to genetic sexual identities. I don’t. I am comfortable with non-binary and trans people. I just think that young kids don’t need the complexities. If a parent is gay or trans, there is plenty of material to help kids understand. When my kids were young, we had gay friends. The kids didn’t relate to them as gay. For that matter, they didn’t relate to our heterosexual friends as straight. We were all people they liked. What sexual/political positions we took were irrelevant.

I think that’s still true. People are people whatever the genital subtleties. If questions come up, answer them. I just don’t see the value in pre-school sexual politics. Does that mean I don’t think teachers should discuss homosexuality with third graders? I don’t think it belongs in the curriculum, but if a kid asks a question, there is nothing wrong with discussions on the topic.

Do you think third graders need to be taught about domestic discipline? I don’t. But if a kid asks why mommy spanks daddy, it’s fair to offer an honest answer. My point is that sexual topics, regardless of gender combinations, need to develop organically. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t ready to hear about any sexual topics until I was a bit older than a nine-year-old kid.

That doesn’t mean we need laws to force any particular agenda. We just need to use good sense and let our kids stay kids.

It made it to 103 here yesterday. Again. After dinner, I took a shower. Lion asked for an ice cream sandwich. Then we realized the freezer was not as cold as it should be. Cue the flurry of activity surrounding taking it apart to see if the drain is clogged. Nope. Not clogged, but it did make a weird noise when I moved the cover for the coil. I cleaned off a lot of ice and put it back together. By this time, I needed another shower because I was sweating so much again. I decided not to take one because I might have needed to take the freezer apart again if my first “fix” didn’t work. After a while, we decided to rearrange some stuff to let air circulate better. It’s still not working great but the temperature is lower than it started out. We may have to call for service.

I’m not convinced I was going to do anything with Lion anyway, but after crawling around on the floor and getting all sweaty again, it was definite. Today is “only” 90 degrees so far. Keep in mind that our high happens around 5 pm and it’s 1:30 right now. Lion says it may be cool enough for waxing. I think not. I’m sticking with Tuesday and Wednesday as the goal. However, I hope there will be time and energy for play tonight.

I was a little surprised when Lion said he doesn’t care if his legs are waxed. The only reason I ever did them is because he asked me to. At one point, I decided to wax them every other month. I promptly forgot about that. It’s been a long time. The only reason I thought about waxing them is the hair has gotten fairly thick. I certainly don’t have to wax them. I think he does prefer them hairless though. It’s just a lot to do.

Little did I know, all those years ago, how much upkeep there was to owning a Lion. Am I sorry I agreed to do it? Not at all.

We are supposed to get cooler weather starting today. I hope so. Our indoor farm has produced a lot of green tomatoes and a few that are getting ripe. It’s silly to get excited about a few cherry tomatoes, but we are.

Saturday night, Mrs. Lion didn’t need to get out the massage table. She didn’t need it. She had me lie across the bed for a full-orgasm blow job. Wow. She reported that I produced some semen. That’s two in a row. She asked if she was better than the blowjob machine I just reviewed (“Review: Amovibe Vibrating Blowjob Machine“). Silly lioness.

We are staying in today. I won’t be waxed. It’s too hot in the pantry where our waxing equipment is set up. It isn’t that urgent. My hair isn’t long enough to make Mrs. Lion sneeze. She said that she was going to take off all my hair this time. All that will be left is above my neck and my arms. My legs are getting too hairy.

I can’t remember what I look like with pubic hair. The last time I had any was almost thirty years ago. After the first time my then-girlfriend shaved me, she said that I would forget what I looked like with hair down there. She was right. It’s too late to find out. The laser hair removal I had over 20 years ago worked. Just a small patch at the base of my penis grows back. I also get a few hairs on my balls. That was the total extent of the laser treatments. They were expensive and painful, but they worked.

It’s an obvious advantage to be hairless when wearing a male chastity device. Pubic hair gets caught in it and is pulled painfully. A lot of guys learn this early on and shave. I always laughed when I heard guys say that shaved pubes are feminine. Nope. Hair or no hair, my gender is absolutely obvious.

Many consider wearing a male chastity device a game. Well, it certainly is a form of keep-away. It can be big, frustrating fun. Others see it as a way to force sexual submission. That may be exciting, but from what I’ve experienced and seen, it is still a game. The least considered purpose of a device that locks the penis is masturbation training.

Most men, me included, never considered masturbation as real sex. It was a way to relieve frustration. I did it when I felt the need. It never occurred to me that Mrs. Lion cared. As long as I was available to her when she wanted me, what difference did it make? It turned out that until the day I asked her to lock me in a male chastity device, she had no idea that I jerked off. When I told her, she was unhappy.

In her mind, masturbating was a form of cheating. I was having sex behind her back. Other women I lived with had no problem with me jerking off. In fact, when they were too tired to get me off, they would “help me” while I did it. Their help consisted of tickling my balls. I liked it. So, when Mrs. Lion told me that it bothered her that I masturbated, I was very surprised.

When we discussed her new role as my disciplinary wife, her first rule was no masturbating. She knew that enforcement was impossible unless I was wearing a male chastity device. I thought that being made to wear one 24/7 was hot. She knew that I couldn’t jerk off if I had one on. She unlocked me and got me off when she thought it was time.

Over three years of wearing the device full time, I was conditioned not to masturbate. Even when the device was off, I didn’t try. I’m in my ninth year of this. I don’t wear a device full time. I also don’t masturbate. Mrs. Lion has produced every orgasm I’ve had since January 2014. She won’t even let me do it while she watches. She is the only source of orgasms for me.

For the record, I don’t miss masturbating at all. It isn’t a struggle to avoid doing it. Even writing about it doesn’t tempt me. I still get grumpy if I’m very horny, but I don’t even think about rubbing one out. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to worry that I’m doing something behind her back.