Even the Freezer Was Hot

It made it to 103 here yesterday. Again. After dinner, I took a shower. Lion asked for an ice cream sandwich. Then we realized the freezer was not as cold as it should be. Cue the flurry of activity surrounding taking it apart to see if the drain is clogged. Nope. Not clogged, but it did make a weird noise when I moved the cover for the coil. I cleaned off a lot of ice and put it back together. By this time, I needed another shower because I was sweating so much again. I decided not to take one because I might have needed to take the freezer apart again if my first “fix” didn’t work. After a while, we decided to rearrange some stuff to let air circulate better. It’s still not working great but the temperature is lower than it started out. We may have to call for service.

I’m not convinced I was going to do anything with Lion anyway, but after crawling around on the floor and getting all sweaty again, it was definite. Today is “only” 90 degrees so far. Keep in mind that our high happens around 5 pm and it’s 1:30 right now. Lion says it may be cool enough for waxing. I think not. I’m sticking with Tuesday and Wednesday as the goal. However, I hope there will be time and energy for play tonight.

I was a little surprised when Lion said he doesn’t care if his legs are waxed. The only reason I ever did them is because he asked me to. At one point, I decided to wax them every other month. I promptly forgot about that. It’s been a long time. The only reason I thought about waxing them is the hair has gotten fairly thick. I certainly don’t have to wax them. I think he does prefer them hairless though. It’s just a lot to do.

Little did I know, all those years ago, how much upkeep there was to owning a Lion. Am I sorry I agreed to do it? Not at all.

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  1. I never had much hair on my legs. One day, 20 years ago, during a marvellous crossdressing period in my life (when I was entertaining very polite and kind gentlemen—“I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers”—out-call and in-call), I shaved my legs ankles to groin. I had been wearing tights or nylons to mask the hair, though it was light in color and not abundant. Nevertheless, I wanted my dressing to be more authentic and more peasurable to the gentlemen who liked to gently run their hands up and down my legs from ankle to gaff. I figured if I ever wanted to regrow my leg hair, I could just stop shaving my legs.
    I needn’t have given much thought to regrowing my leg hair, because it never regrew. I only shaved them that one time, but the hair, amazingly, never regrew. Now I have no hair in my armpits, either. I don’t know whether it’s because of my age, or the fact that I had so little hair, I decided to shave off these few straggly, ugly long (like 3″!) hairs. But after shaving my armpits the hair hasn’t returned and it been a
    couple of months now.
    I wish I could shave off my pubic hair and not have it come back. I am urinary incontinent and it’s so bad I have to wear plastic-cover diapers every day, or I’ll simply wet my pants getting up from a chair, stepping out of my truck, hearing running water, getting up from kneeling, etc. Pubic hair is a breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to the odor of stale urine you sometimes encounter in nursing homes. Shaving all the hair off makes for effective cleaning of the diaper area, and no odor. My urologist will not prescribe any of the medicines I could take to help with my wetting because they would directly interfere with the other medicines I take for my heart, lungs, blood pressure, lipids, etc. He tells me to jst continue wearing diapers everyday which I do, with plastic pants.
    Anyhow, I hope this heatwave soon breaks for you and Lion, wherever you live, so you can wax him. It’s hot here on the Carolina coast (90’s every day with heat indees of up to 109°) plus we have high humidity. BTW, may I ask WHY Lion wants smooth, hairless legs?

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