reverse cowgirl position

Apparently, I need to keep a log of things. Lion is very good at noting when things happen so he can refer to it later on. He can tell you it’s been X amount of time since blah blah happened. I don’t keep track. He had to remind me yesterday that we’ve lived in this house for three years, not two. Normally, it doesn’t matter to me how long ago something happened. Then he writes a post like this morning’s.

Has Lion kept track of the last time we had anal sex? That was something I liked that sort of fell by the wayside after I inadvertently trained him to only have sex on his back. Even if I wanted sex now, the only positions available are cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I’m sure there are other positions. Those are just the two we used. I’m trying to remember if we actually ever had missionary position sex. But I digress.

I was just wondering why Lion can’t ask for BDSM. I know he doesn’t like to initiate. I know he doesn’t want to ask me to do things because he’s a chore. (He’s not.) What would happen if he said something like, “I’d really like to have my balls tied up tonight.”? Unless one of us is tired, sick or sore, we should be doing something sexual. I know I’m in charge. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s stupid but I run out of ideas. Even Lion says I do too much CBT. So what does he want?

He likes when I tell him what I’m going to do to him. Wouldn’t it be nice for him to tell me what he wants me to do to him? Who cares if it’s topping from the bottom? And, by the way, if I’m asking, it’s not topping from the bottom.

Anyway, there’s an idea for one solution to Lion’s BDSM dry spell. Drought, really.