Male Chastity Is Our Sexual Secret Sauce

When I first read about male chastity in the 1990’s I have to admit that I was a bit turned on and also put off. Everything I read talked about strict keyholders and long deprivation. It was extreme submission expressed via a device that locks up the penis.

I understand that some guys love these fantasies. It’s ironic because they use them as fodder for jerking off. Read about never ejaculating while you bring yourself to orgasm. Go figure. I liked the idea of being sexually controlled. It didn’t turn me on imagining extreme scenarios.

Those stories eventually piqued my curiosity enough to investigate actually wearing one. I had started a website that reviewed sex toys and decided to branch out into male chastity. I began contacting people who made chastity devices. There weren’t many. Most were happy to send me a device to review. This isn’t the story of those reviews.

If the device didn’t injure me right off the bat — a surprisingly large number did — I wore it for a few days. I didn’t find myself sexually aroused by the confinement. I was mostly annoyed by the challenges the crude chastity devices presented to me. None of them were particularly comfortable. I suppose that wouldn’t have been an issue if I found some inner arousal because I was locked up.

Of course, I was locking myself up. I just couldn’t get into the fantasy that I had a keyholder. I didn’t look for one because the entire idea of male chastity wasn’t all that overwhelmingly interesting to me at the time. Nevertheless, I had fun trying the devices and reviewing them.

Over a decade later I discovered my secret sauce. My sex life had gone down the tubes. Mrs. Lion had lost interest in sex. We hadn’t discussed it, but she didn’t display any interest in sex. I’ve always been rather shy about initiating sex. I think it comes from a very serious fear of rejection. I’ve missed countless opportunities for sex thanks to this fear. A woman would have to almost ask me to fuck her before I would be brave enough to pick up the ball, so to speak.

That meant I always waited for Mrs. Lion to make the first move. I hated that I couldn’t bring myself to do it even with her. She made less and less first moves. It ended up with her jerking me off or giving me a very-rare blow job about once a month. This was my worst sexual nightmare. I still couldn’t turn it around on my own. I was withdrawing and felt very depressed.

One day I stumbled upon cheap male chastity devices on I had no idea that there were cheap devices and that Amazon actually sold sex stuff. I felt that old chastity tingle. Since I had a lot of experience with chastity devices from the old days, I looked for some that might fit me. I ordered a couple.

When they arrived, I excitedly tried them on. It was very cool to feel them restraining my cock. Neither fit well enough to wear for more than an hour or two. Besides, I didn’t want Mrs. Lion to know about them. I ordered two more. One of the new batch fit pretty well. I decided to tell Mrs. Lion what I was thinking about.

I had been reading whatever I could find on the Web. Most were worthless, but I got some ideas about talking to her about male chastity. It took a lot of effort to bring up the subject. After all, it was S-E-X. I proposed locking me up. I explained that I thought she could tease me often, but only let me ejaculate once in a while. She agreed. There are tons of posts from 2014 about how this got going.

a sneaky way to get sex (for me at least) going

My reasoning was that if Mrs. Lion had the only keys, she would need to remember to provide me with sexual stimulation. It was a somewhat sneaky way to transfer sexual initiation to her. She agreed because she loves me and wants me to be happy. I don’t know if she read the subtext at that time.

As it turned out, she wasn’t very interested in sex for herself. Male chastity allowed her to keep me sexually satisfied without pushing her into sexual activities she didn’t want. Over time, I missed the fucking and she missed me initiating sex. Thanks to the blog,  we wrote about these feelings. We tried and failed to bring two-person sex back. I tried initiating; it was so hard. Mrs. Lion responded a little, but apparently her pilot light was out.

Male orgasm control became the only sexual activities we share. I am forbidden to masturbate, so I am at the mercy of Mrs. Lion for any sexual pleasure. We both learned to like this. It mostly satisfies my continuing need for sex. I still miss fucking. I really miss giving Mrs. Lion orgasms. But that doesn’t mean I am not having fun. I worry that there is nothing in it for her.

The entire point of all this is that male chastity is the secret sauce of our sex life. Most recently, Mrs. Lion discovered that if I wear a male chastity device, I am more responsive when she takes it off. It isn’t because I secretly jerk off when I am wild. I don’t know why this is true, but it is. For this reason, I am permanently locked up again. At least that’s what she says. Love that secret sauce!

the brand new lioness box o’fun

After Mrs. Lion previewed my post, we went off to run some errands. I asked her what she thought of my post, particularly about my problem with initiating and sex for her. She said that she sort of knew about why I wanted to be locked up.

I asked her about sex for her. On a few occasions I’ve given her some orgasms. I asked how she liked them? She said that she enjoyed them but she didn’t feel that she wanted to go out of her way to get more.

cowgirl position
This is cowgirl position. It’s most successful for giving Mrs. Lion orgasms.

It sounds like the old iniitiation issue. I had an idea. We use the Box O’Fun to jump start BDSM for me, why not create a lioness Box O’Fun with orgasmic activities for her? We could have cards for oral sex, finger fun, and lion riding for starters.

Lion riding in the old days was when Mrs. Lion mounted me cowgirl style. This position has the best chance of getting her an orgasm and is very likely not to allow me to have one. More recently. we she’s mounted me reverse cowgirl where she faces my feet. This position will get me off, but not her.

reverse cowgirl
Reverse cowgirl. In this position it is easy for me to come, but difficult for Mrs. Lion.

I suggested we go back to cowgirl. In the past if she decided she was done riding my cock, she would slide forward and I would continue with my tongue. I love that! Since an orgasm for me isn’t part of any of this, she could have a great time. Her Box O’Fun contains 6 Oral, 4 Finger, and 2 Cowgirl cards. This covers what I think she will enjoy. She still insists it’s for my pleasure. We’ll see.

Mrs. lion wondered if picking from the lioness Box O’Fun would be enough to get me going for teasing? Oh yeah, it would! Now we have to get going. I know us, if we don’t start right away, we may never begin. I’ll make sure we have it going before we leave on vacation.


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