Mrs. Lion recently expressed interest in penetrative sex (“Drought“). She pointed out that we had a failure when I tried to mount her doggie (lion) style. I couldn’t sustain my erection. We theorized that because all sex had been with me on my back for so long, I lost my ability to have sex in any other position. I did some research on that subject. We may have been close to the truth. As men age, we often have trouble sustaining erections during intercourse.

My lioness tends to believe that since we failed all those years ago, we should never try again. She wrote that she likes anal intercourse. She used to like it. I assumed that if she stopped wanting orgasms, both the front and back doors were closed. Maybe not. Or, perhaps she was just using anal sex as an example of her sense of timing. I don’t know. From my perspective, it’s a bit scary contemplating another sexual failure. I’m reluctant to try. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Another factor that plays into limiting what we do is that Mrs. Lion forgets what’s available. For example, she brought my shock collar and charger into my office on Sunday night. She said that she was out of outlets at her desk. She plugged it in to charge at my desk. Then she went back to what she was doing. It’s after 2 PM on Monday, and I haven’t heard a word about it. Am I expected to wear it? I don’t know.

It isn’t that she is avoiding it. She can be absent-minded. I’ve suggested that she use my method of adding to-dos to my calendar. That way, she could note what she wants to do when she thinks about it and then follow through later. Mrs. Lion commented that I record when things happen. I do for some stuff (orgasms and spankings). It’s because I can forget too. I have a much stronger incentive to find ways to remember what I have to do. If I forget, I get spanked. Hmmm.

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