When I woke up this morning, it was a little before 9. We’ve been going to bed late. I guess it’s become normal for us to finally turn the TV off at midnight, although I’m usually tired before that. Lion waits as long as possible to take out his contacts. I understand completely. He can’t see much without them. Anyway, I rolled over and noticed the chocolate stain on the comforter. It was easy to see. This week’s comforter was light gray. There it was. The brown standing right out there. My first thought was that Lion did it on purpose, so I’ll be sure to change the bed today. I know he didn’t. He never does things like that. My second thought was, “Wasn’t he supposed to be punished for spilling things on the comforter?”

Of course he is. I’ve been very lax about punishing him lately. Part of it is that he’s been a very good boy. Another part is that we were sick and it was hot and I didn’t feel like expending much energy on anything. However, I’ve been trying to get things back to normal. I gave him a “just because” spanking the other night and he yelped the entire time. I even took it easy on him because his virgin butt hadn’t been spanked in such a long time. Sometimes I’m just too nice. This time his spanking will be more punishment-like. Well, it will be punishment. Poor Lion butt.

No, no, no. None of that poor Lion butt nonsense. I know he didn’t mean to spill ice cream on the bed. Now that the freezer is working correctly, it makes ice cream super hard. I don’t like super hard ice cream, so I tend to keep my ice cream in the refrigerator freezer. But then it tends to be too soft. There’s no happy medium. The super hard ice cream is hard to scoop out. It’s Ben and Jerry’s so we each have our own flavor. We tend to eat different flavors of most ice cream, but Ben and Jerry’s is a pint so we eat straight from the container. And one of those spoonsful took off across the bed, hence the stain. To be fair, it was bound to happen. I’m actually surprised it took a full week for a stain to appear. Normally he spills the first night of fresh bedding.

Lion had his blow job before the spilling incident. I don’t think I would have denied him the orgasm because he spilled something. I’ve never equated his waiting with punishment. To me, it’s two separate issues. When I get him off has nothing to do with when I spank him, except that I tend not to give him sex after punishment unless he’s had time to process the spanking first. Besides, I usually spank him earlier in the evening, so last night’s infraction would be punished today anyway.

He got to enjoy his balls-tied blow job without worrying about his buns being sore tonight. Lucky Lion weenie. Okay, poor Lion butt.

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  1. This is a good reason to spank a lion not just like that, but for a misdemeanor. And no favors needed.

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