Pain Delay

I decided to go home last night. Lion wanted to go out to dinner so we ran the errands together. In the process, we wound up getting chairs to go with the table for our deck. Also in the process, I wound up leaving our little step stool in the middle of the Home Depot parking lot. When I stepped off it I told myself if I didn’t put it back in the truck right then, I’d leave it. But did I listen to myself?

Of course, I didn’t realize I might actually have left it till later on. I told Lion about it and he said, “That’s too bad.” Something like that would have started a three hour fight with my ex. I’m grateful that Lion isn’t bothered by things that were clearly a mistake. I’m sure his reaction would have been a little different if it was a $100 ladder, but it still wouldn’t result in a fight.

When we got home and I’d wrestled the table and chairs out of the truck, Lion said his tummy wasn’t feeling very good. I don’t think it was from dinner. We had hamburgers. It wasn’t any spicy food, but tummies don’t need a reason to go whacko. I decided I’d postpone his spanking so he could concentrate on feeling better. He appreciated it.

I was tired and a little sore from the table and chairs but I changed the bed. Lion gets itchy if we go too long between bed changes. I try to do it weekly but sometimes we run a day or two over. It helps Lion sleep better on clean sheets. Apparently I can’t sleep well on any type of sheets.

I usually work a half day on Friday’s. I’m working almost a full day today since I left early Monday for Lion’s doctor appointment. When I get home I’ll put the table together and maybe we’ll eat al fresco. We’re supposed to have over a week of warm weather and sunshine. This summer we’ve had a mixed bag of rain and sun. It’s been cool and comfortable. We aren’t getting the intense heat blanketing most of the country. I’m looking forward to nice weather. The fact that it coincides with the deck completion and our new furniture is wonderful.

Mostly I’m looking forward to being with Lion. Sure, he needs his punishment and we’ll play, but being together is the real goal. You can’t beat a couple of days together, lazy or not.