No Genitals!

Women on Twitter often ask for nudes from people who follow them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they often add “no genitals” to their requests. Does that mean you can’t post a picture if you have genitals? If so, a lot of people ignore this demand. They don’t want genitals in submitted pictures. I see lots of female complaints about men sending penis pictures. I find that puzzling.

Both men and women have favorite body parts that they consider sexually arousing. They also often have parts that make them uncomfortable. I’m sure this is the root cause of the “no genitals” demand. I have a big problem with it. First of all, I like seeing female genitals. No, I don’t like gynecological closeups. I do like images that include that general area of the body. Female thighs and tummies are very sexy. Where they meet is also a big turn-on for me.

I am very partial to female rear ends. I’m an ass man. I’m particularly partial to a nice female butt in jeans. Naked rears are also very hot. Most of the women I see on Twitter who like to pose in nude self-portraits are comfortable showing their breasts (meh!), legs and thighs, and rear views. Most restrict their “nudes” to their boobs. That’s too bad.

If you are willing to show your body and freely post images of your legs, butt, tummy, and boobs, why do you avoid showing your vagina? Is there something particularly obscene about that part of your body? I don’t get it. I know some women say they don’t like how they look down there. Maybe sharing and getting positive feedback would help them improve their self-images. I like to see all of a woman. I don’t read any special significance into images that avoid showing the pussy. Seeing one doesn’t indicate that its owner is promiscuous. It’s just part of a beautiful body.

The general aversion to “dick pics” may be an indication of the sort of images guys DM to a woman. Just as an extreme vaginal closeup isn’t a turn-on, a close shot of an erection is probably just as unappealing. A shot that shows more of the body sends a different message. Instead of, “I want to fuck you,” it says, “This is me.”

I wonder if the state of arousal also figures in. An erection indicates sexual arousal. Some women may find that a sort of attack. They may think that the owner of that penis wants to rape them. I’m being a bit extreme in that last sentence, but an erection can evoke fear. That makes me sad. My erection means that I’m aroused. It doesn’t suggest that I intend to use it like a weapon. I’m turned on and want to share it. From my perspective, showing my erection makes me vulnerable. I’m showing my feeling without reciprocation. It would hurt me if you laughed at my erection. I’m being vulnerable.

Most of the pictures of my penis that I’ve published have been with it flaccid. I feel a lot less vulnerable when I show myself unaroused. Those images show my body in its usual state. I’m not aroused. I’m just naked me. That’s a lot easier to share.

If you are going to take nude pictures, please DO include genitals. They are a very nice part of any person’s body. If you can send a picture of your boobs with erect nipples, you might as well show the rest. I know that I would enjoy the view.